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10 Facial Treatments That Will Make You Feel Brand New

You might not realize this, but there are actually dozens of different types of facial treatments available at a range of spas and clinics. Those old TV show clips of the women with the cucumbers over their eyes are really just for entertainment. In the real world, you have a large variety of facial styles from which you can choose. Many of these facial methods are designed to make you look and feel like a brand-new person. Check out 10 different facial treatments that will definitely reinvigorate you.

10 Different Facial Treatments That will Definitely Reinvigorate You


1: The Hydrafacial


This facial involves a three-step process that exfoliates, moisturizes, and hydrates your skin. It uses special equipment that removes dead skin cells from your face, while also delivering a hydrating serum deep into the skin. It’s a painless, soothing procedure that’s very popular.


2: The Deep Pore Cleanse


Clogged pores promote blackheads and acne, enlarged pores, blotchy-looking skin, and other issues. With a deep pore cleansing facial, practitioners perform an extraction and remove dirt, grime, dead skin, and blackheads from your face. This leaves your face smoother, shinier, and tighter looking and helps you to remain blemish free.


3: The European Facial


This is a facial variety that’s ideal for people who suffer from dry skin. It offers a deep-clean steaming procedure as well as a facial massage with moisturizer. Hydrating the skin provides a fresh, clean feeling that will definitely help you feel a lot younger and more invigorated.


4: The LED Facial


This particular facial uses a specialized LED light wand that shines a cool red (or blue, depending) light into your facial skin. The LED light helps to boost the production of collagen, the material that keeps your skin taut and smooth. This procedure helps to fight against fine lines and wrinkles while also helping to get rid of inflammation in the skin.


5: The Oxygen Facial


The aesthetician administering this facial works to clean and exfoliate the skin. This is another type of facial that uses a specialized wand in order to apply concentrated oxygen deep within the skin. This brightens skin cells and improves elasticity and helps to get rid of fine lines. It’s also followed up with a moisturizing session.


6: The PRT Facial


Of all the many benefits facials can provide, PRT is very high on the list for the most positives. PRT stands for Platelet-Rich Therapy, and you may know this procedure by its nickname, the “vampire facial.” Basically, plasma is extracted from your blood and reapplied to your skin via injection or microdermabrasion. This has many benefits like helping to heal sun damage, and scars, and getting rid of wrinkles.


7: The Microneedling Facial


Microneedling is one of the more intense procedures on the list. Think of it much like getting a tattoo without any ink, as very small needles are poked into the face all over in order to create superficial wounds. The goal here is to boost the production of collagen, which activates in order to heal tiny wounds. This is becoming a very popular procedure.


8: The Dermaplaning Facial


Dermaplaning is a process whereby the top layer of skin on your face is literally scraped off. This includes a layer of dead skin, and your vellus hair, better known as “peach fuzz.” As your skin heals, unevenly-toned skin goes away, acne and its potential scars heal, and fine lines and wrinkles are greatly diminished.


9: The Microdermabrasion Facial


Similar to dermaplaning above, microdermabrasion is all about getting rid of that layer of dead skin and the blotchiness, scarring, and other blemishes associated with it. The tools may differ, but the idea is to scrape and vacuum away the dead skin, then steam your face to moisturize it.


10: The Chemical Peel


This is one most people have heard of a lot. With a chemical peel, you will have a layer of acidic solution applied to your face. This is going to set up on your face and literally eat through all the dead skin, dirt, bacteria, etc. When the acid is removed, collagen kicks in and heals the skin.



Ranging from involved and a bit painful to easy and relaxing, there are all sorts of facials you can get. All the facial methods on the above list will help you feel brand new again. Keep in mind what you’re looking for when choosing, and always be sure to visit reputable spas. Try one out, and see how you feel!

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