4 Reasons Relationships Get Deeper

Relationships are funny things, and they are incredibly personal to each couple. No one can change who you like, and everyone has their “type,” whether it’s in looks, personality, values, or a whole mix of the three.

What Is a Meaningful Relationship?

When to come to relationship advice, the internet is full of articles that will tell you about the reasons relationships break down and the reasons couples split up, but what are the reasons that couples survive? What makes them deeper and more meaningful?

There are a number of reasons why relationships get more meaningful, and much of it has to do with what’s missing when you are in love.

Losing Your Freedom

Think about the single life, and you will realize that things are a lot simpler. You can turn up to parties alone, go on trips with friends or make plans on your own without having to consult someone else. It is easy to go out for drinks, invite people over for dinner or watch TV without having to coordinate with someone else.

In other words, being single means freedom, and freedom is addictive, but it’s also hedonistic, and freedom inevitably leads to loneliness.

When everyone else has paired off, and you are still trying to score at the bar on a Saturday night, that’s not freedom; it’s just sad.

Losing Your Self-Limits

You know how your boss is always telling you not to work too hard? Well, when you are in a committed relationship, your partner becomes like your boss. They know that they are giving their all in the relationship, and they will expect the same level of effort from you.

When each other’s limits are tested, it builds trust, respect, and intimacy within a relationship. While all of us have to get up and go to work on Monday morning and have plenty of responsibilities at work or home, we don’t have anyone else who has a say in whether we do things like that.

Losing The Ability To Sleep Around

Remember when sleeping around seemed like so much fun in your twenties? Fast forwards to your mid-thirties and beyond and sleeping with a hundred different people doesn’t seem like such a good idea anymore.

Having a steady partner while trying to get your career off the ground is often much more fulfilling in the long run, and besides, it’s great fun to be with someone you can try new things with and build on great intimacy with.

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Losing Your Single Identity

When you are in a committed relationship, you lose that identity of being single. You only have one person to answer to, and you have to work together to build a life together, so having that person by your side makes things much more serious.

Relationships are more than just a place for couples to have sex, but instead, a chance for both people to get the most out of life by working together like partners should do.

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