5 Important Things Women Expect During Intimacy

5 Important Things Women Expect During Intimacy

Everyone has their own set of desires and Intimacy fantasies. However, there are certain basic rules that remain the same. Men get pleasure from certain things whilst Women get pleasure from certain set of things. However, most men are always confused about that. This is because articulating desires do not come naturally. Some Women are more open their needs and so, they will tell you clearly what they want in bed. On the other hand, come of them are very shy and will only give you hints.

Hence, men need to understand that and provide them with the pleasure. This is also because traditionally men are supposed to take the lead in sex. This is still a common practice. Read on to find out what women want you to do in bed

Find A Proper Pace And Rhythm

A lot of studies suggests that it take a woman 20 minutes to get fully aroused. On the other hand, men can hit that level in a fraction of second. These are general specifications and they do not work for everyone. Although, this is the standard time. So, you need to understand that different approach will work with different women. You need to take care of the fact that the vaginal tissue is very delicate. It can respond negatively to aggressive touch. Thus, women want you to take it gradually and not get excited quickly. Understand what works for her and maintain a pace accordingly.

  • Pay Attention To Her Cues

A lot of men do not understand these cues. A lot of women complain about this all the time. You need to understand that she is sending you non-verbal cues on the bed all the time. Look at her face and understand her expressions. Women find it really sexy when a man does that on bed. Learn to be responsive and a tuned-in lover. If you cannot understand what she is saying, then break the silence and ask her directly. She might be shy to tell you but, when you ask directly, she will definitely respond.

  • Foreplay And After Play

Well, women want you to do both these things. Men mostly think that sex is all about penetration. However, women love foreplay and after play. This is how they feel intimate and satisfied at the same time. If you turn around and sleep off, then your woman will surely feel abandoned. A woman likes to cuddle after sex and talk for a bit. Also, a woman wants the foreplay to begin way before you reach the bedroom. It is a good idea to build it up with texts, calls and flirting. This will gear her up for the main thing. A woman wants a physical and emotional reflection of being desired. These are some of the things women do not like to discuss with their partners and men must realise it themselves.

  • Dirty Talk

Most women will not agree that they like dirty talk openly. However, the secret is that, if you keep it subtle, then she will love it. Women love feeling wanted. Although, the individual preferences differ from woman to woman. Some would like it to be dirty while some will like romantic and others will like descriptive. In the beginning, you can try out a mix of all. Observe to what she responds better and build it up from there.

  • Focus on Clitoris

Women do want more of clitoris stimulation. Some women want a finger in their vagina or ass. Apart from that, even strong sucking and teasing with your tongue does it for them. Different amounts of pressure and rhythm on the clitoris area does it for them. You will have to understand how she responds to different things. Pay attention on her while doing things to her. You will get the cues then.


Remember that intimacy is an important aspect of life which should not be avoided at all. Keeping your partner happy and satisfied is responsibility of both equally to keep the spark alive in a relationship. If you still feel it is not working out, clear communication is the best way to resolve unwanted issues.

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