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A Guide On Weight Gain Plan- How To Gain Weight Fastly And Safely

Acquiring weight or building muscles is not as simple as it may seem. However, there are also diet plans for gaining weight. A diet plan needs to provide high calories and high-quality protein to gain weight. Choosing a weight gain plan that includes a well-balanced diet rather than one based entirely on empty calories and fat is wise. A diet chart for weight gain that promotes muscle building and provides essential nutrients is a healthy weight loss plan.

Weight gain diet plans intended to help people gain weight have as their main goal the provision of more calories than they consume during the day. However, an effective weight gain diet chart will include carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, and calories. Therefore, you must select your diet carefully, considering its nutritional quality. 

An underweight individual faces the same difficulties as an overweight individual. Furthermore, underweight people are more likely to suffer from fatigue, weakened immunity, frequent infections, fractures, pale skin, and brittle hair due to their underweight status. For this reason, it is imperative to select a diet chart for weight gain that is both effective and healthy.  

It is critically imperative for you to gain weight correctly to achieve this goal. Attempting to gain weight by eating excessive amounts of pizzas and donuts can seriously harm your health. To weight gain plan, you should gain a combination of muscle mass and subcutaneous fat, not excessive amounts of fat around the abdomen. There are plenty of people who are not overweight who develop type 2 diabetes or heart disease. Thus, a healthy lifestyle and eating healthy food are paramount. Even when trying to put on weight, you should eat mostly healthy foods. 

According to the calculator, you should increase calories by 300-500 per day. Try to consume about 700-1000 calories more than your maintenance level if you want to gain weight fast. It depends on how many calories you need per day. Calorie counting doesn’t need to continue forever, but you can count for the first few days and weeks to see what you’re eating.

Here are the best diet plans for gaining weight if you struggle to find one. An effective weight gain plan is outlined in this article.

Diet Plan For Weight Gain


Breakfast (8:00-8:30AM)2 egg brown bread sandwich + green chutney + 1 cup milk + 3 cashews + 4 almonds + 2 walnuts
Mid-Meal (11:00-11:30AM)1 cup banana shake
Lunch (2:00-2:30PM)1 cup arhar dal + 1 cup potato curry + 3 chapatti + 1/2 cup rice + 1/2 cup low fat curd + salad
Evening (4:00-4:30PM)1 cup strawberry smoothie + 1 cup vegetable poha
Dinner (8:00-8:30PM)1.5 cup chicken curry + 3 chapatti + salad


Breakfast (8:00-8:30AM)3 onion stuffed parantha + 1 cup curd + 3 cashews + 4 almonds + 2 walnuts
Mid-Meal (11:00-11:30AM)1 cup mango shake
Lunch (2:00-2:30PM)1 cup moong dal/ chicken curry + 1 cup potato and caulifllower vegetable + 3 chapatti + 1/2 cup rice + salad
Evening (4:00-4:30PM)1 cup pomegranate juice + 2 butter toasted bread
Dinner (8:00-8:30PM)1 cup beans potato vegetable + 3 chapatti + salad


Breakfast (8:00-8:30AM)3 paneer stuffed besan cheela + green chutney + 1 cup curd + 3 cashews + 4 almonds + 2 walnuts
Mid-Meal (11:00-11:30AM)1 apple smoothie with maple syrup
Lunch (2:00-2:30PM)1 cup masoor dal + 1 cup calocasia + 3 chapatti + 1/2 cup rice + 1 cup low curd + salad
Evening (4:00-4:30PM)1 cup tomato soup with bread crumbs + 1 cup aloo chaat
Dinner (8:00-8:30PM)1 cup carrot peas vegetable +3 chapatti + salad


Breakfast (8:00-8:30AM)1.5 cup vegetable bread upma + 1 cup milk + 3 cashews + 4 almonds + 2 walnuts
Mid-Meal (11:00-11:30AM)1 cup ripe banana with 2 tsp ghee
Lunch (2:00-2:30PM)1 cup rajma curry + 1 cup spinach potato + 3 chapatti + 1/2 cup rice + salad
Evening (4:00-4:30PM)1 cup vegetable juice + 1 cup upma
Dinner (8:00-8:30PM)1.5 cup parwal vegetable + 3 chapatti + salad


Breakfast (8:00-8:30AM)2 cucmber potato sandwich + 1 tsp green chutney + 1 orange juice + 3 cshews + 2 walnuts + 4 almonds
Mid-Meal (11:00-11:30AM)1 cup buttermilk + 1 cup sweet potato chaat
Lunch (2:00-2:30PM)1 cup white chana/ fish curry + 3 chapatti + 1/2 cup rice + salad
Evening (4:00-4:30PM)1 cup almond milk + banana
Dinner (8:00-8:30PM)1 cup cauliflower potato vegetable + 3 chapatti + salad


Breakfast (8:00-8:30AM)2 cup vegetable poha + 1 cup curd + 3 cashews + 4 almonds + 2 walnuts
Mid-Meal (11:00-11:30AM)2 cups watermelon juice
Lunch (2:00-2:30PM)1 cup chana dal + 1 cup bhindi vegetable + 3 chapatti + 1/2 cup rice + salad
Evening (4:00-4:30PM)1 cup sprouts salad + 2 potato cheela + green chutney
Dinner (8:00-8:30PM)1 cup peas mushroom vegetable + 3 chapatti + salad


Breakfast (8:00-8:30AM)3 vegetable suji cheela + 1 cup strawberry shake + 4 cashews + 4 almonds + 3 walnuts
Mid-Meal (11:00-11:30AM)1 cup coconut water + 1 cup pomegrate
Lunch (2:00-2:30PM)1 cup mix dal + 1 cup soybean curry + 3 chapatti + 1/2 cup curd + salad
Evening (4:00-4:30PM)1 cup fruit salad + 4 pc vegetable cutlets + green chutney
Dinner (8:00-8:30PM)1 cup karela vegetable + 3 chaptti + salad

Diet Chart For Weight Gain: Dos And Don’ts

Don’ts┬áDo in Diet plan of weight gain

  1. Be sure to drink water before meals
  2. Do not smoke


  1. Consume more food
  2. Drink more milk
  3. Drink weight gainer shakes
  4. Eat on bigger plates
  5. Make your coffee creamer
  6. Use Creatine
  7. Get Quality Sleep
  8. Prioritize your protein and vegetables

Diet Plan for Weight Gain: Food Items You Can Easily Consume

1. Avocado:

Healthy fat is an excellent way to add flavour to your diet through these green vegetables. A half avocado contains 140 calories in addition to high levels of fibre, potassium, and folic acid.

2. Natural Granola:

If you are trying to gain weight, you will benefit from granola with no added sugar. Sweetened rolled oats, sugar, nuts, and healthy fats (including coconut oil and coconut nut butter) combine to make this tasty snack. Other dried fruits, nuts, and seeds can also be included.

3. Whole Wheat Bread:

Eat healthy bread products to gain weight, say, nutritionists. Whole grains are best when it comes to bread.

4. Nuts:

Snacking on nuts will help you gain weight. These foods are rich in fats and nutrients and contain large fibre. Nuts can provide hours of sustained energy. Nuts are not all equal when it comes to fibre content.

5. Cheese:

Parmesan topped with asparagus, Swiss with eggs, and goat cheese with roasted chicken. The high protein content of cheese makes it a great snack on its own.

6. Lean Red Meat:

Steak has a great deal of iron and protein. The high cholesterol content of red meat means that most nutritionists do not recommend eating it more than a few times per week as part of a healthy diet.

7. Real Nut Butters:

Protein and fat are present in natural peanut butter, so it’s a healthy choice for gaining weight. The total calories in a tablespoon of natural peanut butter are 100.

8. Whole Fat Milk:

You can substitute whole milk for skim milk when trying to gain weight, dietitians. It only has 60 more calories because the fat is still present.

9. Tropical Fruit:

Food experts recommend mangoes, papayas, bananas, and pineapples as great choices. All of these contain natural sugars and are very energizing.

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