Benefits of Holy Basil Leaves for Skin & Hair

Holy Basil leaves aka ‘Tulsi’ has been an integral part of Indian culture since times immemorial. It’s highly believed in Hinduism that it brings prosperity & peace to a home where it’s kept & worshipped regularly. Its phenomenal potency for treating several diseases & disorders is mentioned in various Hindu Shastras including the Ayurveda. You will be amazed to know what basil leaves can do for your skin & hair health and trust me the count is not less than a ton of powerful home remedies. First, of all the question that arises is;

What Makes Holy Basil Leaves a Pro Ingredients?

As mentioned above, the basil plant draws its importance from the roots of Indian tradition. Its prominence as a powerful ingredient is rather enhanced in Ayurveda. It’s been worshipped for it has loads of properties that can be rarely found in any other plant. Be it medicine, beauty or culinary, it has made its way to every household for its abundant healing properties. Holy basil is as defensive as armour for your health because it’s anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-biotic & anti-carcinogenic in nature. For instance, it contains antioxidants that protect the heart from harmful effects of free radicals, kills stomach worms, fights pyorrhea, bad breath & other dental problems. Besides, it was an excellent remedy to cure night blindness in ancient times too. It has wonderful benefits for skin & hair too.

We are going to discuss some really important ones, so try these tips & learn the spell to make basil leaves work for you.

  • Fight Acne with just a mask: Take some fresh basil leaves & neem leaves. Grind them together to make a thick paste. Apply it evenly all over your face & gently bid farewell to all your acnes & scars.
  • Battle Dandruff with a relaxing massage: Take some pure basil oil & mix it with some carrier oil for a relaxing head massage. Due to its antibacterial & antifungal properties, dandruff & any other scalp problem will be vanished from within making your scalp healthy.
  • Promote Hair Growth with the right hair mask: Basil Oil or fresh basil leaves can be added to your regular hair mask to promote hair growth faster. Try mixing it with aloevera gel to get the best of it.
  • Get Clear Glowing Skin with this basil trick: Basil oil + rose water + a few drops of lemon juice = Flawless Skin.
  • Any wounds on the skin? Get it cured in a blink: Just apply some holy basil oil on the wound & get it cured in no time. Holy Moley! Isn’t it?

Stay tuned to fetch more updates on the wonders of natural ingredients! Ciao

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