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Choosing The Best Type Of Bar Soap For Your Skin

As we all know, body scrub and soap are an integral part of the bathing routine. Because they contain many anti-bacterial properties which protect us from harmful germs and also reduce the risk of the spread of diseases, and also prevents the growth of bacteria in our body. But all the soaps are not same. That’s why you have to choose the bathing bar according to your skin type. If you are finding problems choosing the right bar soap for your skin then you are at the right place. In this article we are going to talk about this topic. Every type of soap has a different effect on your skin, if you know about those effects then you can easily choose the right soap bar according to your skin. Firstly, let us talk about soap.

What Is Soap?

Soaps are fatty acid salts of sodium and potassium, the manufacturing process of soap is known as saponification. It is a brief definition of soaps, now let us talk about the making method of traditional soaps.

How Traditional Soaps Are Made?

Most traditional soaps are made by mixing vegetable oils and water with alkali. When we mix them then the alkali present in the mixture reacts with vegetable oils and water which triggers a chemical reaction known as saponification. Generally, the alkali which is present in making the soaps is sodium hydroxide, another name for sodium hydroxide is lye. But friends, this eye is converted into soap when the reaction is completed. This is a process that is used to make traditional soaps. Now, let us talk about the different types of soaps that are available in the market.

Here Is The List Of Different Types Of Soaps:

Syndet Bars

Usually, the bathing bars which we purchase from the market are a syndet bar, the meaning of the syndet is “synthetic”. These syndet bars are made from surfactants (oil, fats and other petroleum products). As we

discussed above, alkali and vegetable oil is used to make soaps but to make syndet bars the multinational companies use different chemicals like betaines, sulfosccinates, sodium cocoyl isothionate, etc. Now, most of the people think that the syndet bars are harmful to their skin, if you are also thinking the same then you are wrong, actually, they are more gentle on our skin. If you want to purchase syndet bars then you can purchase them online at a great price.

True Soaps

Friends, true soap is that soap that is made from vegetable oils that are hydrolysed with an alkali. Nowadays, true soaps are made by many big companies as well as many small artisans. You can easily purchase true soaps online at discounted rates. Even true soaps also have surfactants whose main function is to reduce the surface tension between the soap and water because of which it can easily remove the dirt from your skin and gives you the best experience of bathing.

There are many people who thought that if they use true soaps then it will disturb the pH of their skin, friends, don’t worry the pH of the true soap is between 8-9 which is basic. But our skin is also acidic the pH of our skin is below 5. That’s why the basic nature of true soap will neutralize the acidic nature of your skin and provides a balance to the pH of your skin. If you are going to buy a true soap. You should read all the ingredients of that soap and if they use only natural ingredients then you can purchase it otherwise leave it.

Superfatted Soaps

Superfatted soaps are nothing but true soaps which contain an extra amount of oil, they are beneficial for our body because it helps in moisturizing your skin and it is less harsh to your skin as compared to other types of bathing bars.

Combination Bathing Bars

As per its name, the combination bars are a mixture of superfatted and syndet bars. These combination bars are made to increase the cleansing properties of the soap. If you are finding a cleansing bathing bar then this type of soap is best for you. There are many combinations

bathing bars available in the market or if they are not available in your local area then you can purchase them online in the comfort of your home.

This is all about the different types of soaps available in the market, Now let us talk about the steps which will help you in choosing the right bathing bar for your skin.

Steps To Choose The Right Bathing Bar:

Get A Facial And Body Bar

There are many cleansing soaps available in the market which will help you in cleaning your body completely but if you use that same soap on your face then the results are not good that’s why it is always advisable to use two soaps facial bar and body bar. You should purchase a facial bar that helps in moisturizing the skin of your face.

Ask Your Dermatologist For Recommendations

If your skin is very sensitive then you should consult with a dermatologist before using any type of bathing bar because he will suggest you the best bathing bar according to your situation.

Listen To Your Skin

Friends, whether you are using true soap or syndet bars if your skin becomes dry, itchy, and tight. Then it means you are using the wrong type of soap because the best soap for you is that soap that makes your skin clean and refreshed. If the particular bathing bar is perfect for your brother or for your friend. It does not mean that it is perfect for you, you can only choose the right bathing bar. If you listen to your skin before choosing the bathing bar. You can easily purchase any type of bathing bar online at a great price.

These are the few steps that you should follow. If you want to choose the right bathing bar for your skin.

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