Don’t Forget To Hide Blemishes With The Concealer Under 100 Only

Don’t Forget To Hide Blemishes With The Concealer Under 100 Only

Concealer Under 100- Why are you upset so much? Why are you not satisfied with your makeup look? Do the dark spots peep from your face badly? Are your blemishes clearly seen? Obviously, this may be a serious concern for you. Not only you, but these are also serious issues for most beauty-conscious girls. Dark circle, dark spots, blemishes will also lower one’s confidence too. It is not possible only through the foundation. As it needs additional care. That is Concealer is like the thicker form of foundation. It can help to hide our dark spots, dark circles, blemishes, dark lips etc. It can also be helpful as the base of eye makeup.

Apart from that concealer can help to brighten our cheek lines. Now the matter is the price. Every girl dream to purchase a variety of makeup products. But to grab all these products are not probable for everyone. For those whose budget is low. There is also a vast option of concealers and they are the concealer under 100 only. In this article, we are gladly going to enlist some decent concealer under 100 only for you.

3 Popular Concealer Under 100 Only

1. Blue Heaven Concealer Makeup Stick Beige:

Hearing the name of Blue Heaven many girls feel relax. Because Blue Heaven has launched a wide range of makeup related products at a reasonable price. Foundation, eyeliner, lipstick and among them, one of the most demanding product is Blue Heaven Concealer Makeup Stick Beige. It occurs a great product with a cheaper price. The concealer is in the form of a stick. But it is not too dry. It is quite creamy. For the use on the face, it is very comfortable. Various types of wax-like Carnauba, Paradinn, Candellila etc., mineral oil, perfume and many more are used to make this concealer. Now comes to the packaging. Packaging is also good and easy to carry. The coat in which the concealer stick stays is made of hard plastic.

The concealer bar is quite long. So that you can use it for an extended time. And if you want to carry it in your little purse bag. Yes, you can. No chance to be destroyed. The texture is much smooth and creamy. Whenever it is used, you never feel the harshness. It has not exactly a smell. Just a little smile exposes like other makeup products. In the market, it is available in six multiple shades- natural, natural glow, blush, pink glow, fair glow and rose.

After using the liquid kind of foundation or pancake, pan stick. You can effortlessly apply the stick concealer on the dark circles, dark spots and others spots wherever you need. As a low price product, it can hide the dark spots at a certain period of time. Though it claims waterproof entirely. It is a little bit waterproof you can say. But anyone can afford it easily.

2. NY Bae Foundation Concealer:

If a girl is very beautiful. She wants to be extremely beautiful. There is a never-ending desire to be beautiful and presentable in front of all. But it is said before that budget matters. So the next budget-friendly concealer is NY Bae Foundation Concealer. First of all, it is suitable for all skin types. It is also perfect for any skin complexion to the deep dark spots, blemishes and dark circles. This concealer can be used as base makeup on the face. As the size of the product is small. It can be held up anywhere you like. Yes, it is much beneficial to repress your dark spots and blemishes. But you never feel heavy after wearing this concealer. As it has a smooth texture and skillfully blends with the skin of our face.

Now for regular makeup, one can use it as a foundation. Not only foundation but also it is used as a contour. So it is surprising that you can get an all-rounder concealer under the concealer under 100. Now comes to the packaging. It is also packed in a hard metal cover. And it is quite long. It claims so many advantages. It is smudge-proof. If you become sweated, still it will protect your skin. It will give medium to high coverage as per skin tone. But within a lower range, this concealer is a good product of NY Bae.

3. Kiss Beauty Concealer Stick :

Kiss Beauty is a very popular brand, especially among teenagers. Actually, in the teenage, it is too tough to buy makeup products with pocket money. So for them, Kiss Beauty is a good choice. Kiss Beauty has launched two shades of concealers under 100. The structure of the concealers is a stick. But the texture is quite liquid. It not suitable for dry skin especially. It is friendly in Indian skin tone. If you say about the coverage. Then it is said that it can provide you medium coverage. It is environmentally friendly also. Yes, it is pigmented too. Now comes to the packaging. It has also covered with a hardcover with a lid. It is easy to carry while you travel. As it is a little liquid in form. After a dry base foundation, it will help you to feel smoother.


Now the question is whether the concealer is important or not! Generally, makeup needs perfection. And to do perfect makeup, it needs so many products like primer, foundation, concealer, contour, compact, eyeliner, Kajal, eye shadow, lipstick, blusher and many more. After a long process, a person looks gorgeous. But after makeup, if the dark spots are still seen. Then it will be the worst. Here the concealer is a must. Besides it, to highlight a concealer is also used. Many times concealer is used to hide the puffiness under the eyes. But money is a crucial factor to collect all these. So that in this article it .We tried to list out a few concealers under 100. So that everyone can purchase it.

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