Concealer Under 500

Best Concealer in India under 500

Are you looking to purchase the concealer under 500? Don’t worry about that case. You are at the right place. Still, you are unable to find the right concealer for you. We have listed all the top-quality concealers for you. Choose from the list of the products. Moreover, you need to understand your requirement and choose the best concealer under 500.

Best Liquid Concealer Under 500

Concealer is a makeup product that hides skin imperfections such as dark circles, skin blemishes, and pimple marks. The concealers are available in the form of sticks and tubes. You can use your hands or brushes to apply them to your skin. The product is available in different types of shades. Maybelline and other top brands like it bring the best concealer under 500 ranges. You can prefer the concealer’s liquid, powder, and cream types to apply it and get the perfect makeup look with the best concealer price under 500. 

1. Maybelline New York Fit Me Concealer:

Everyone is looking for a budgeted concealer to use for routine purposes. Maybelline brings the most popular concealer range in India, i.e., the Fit Me concealer. Makeup lovers like to use this type of concealer with a lightweight formula, which helps brighten your face. They fit me concealer of Maybelline is available in different shades in India. Users can look for their preferable shades at the time off to buy the Maybelline concealer products. 

2. Wet n Wild Photo Focus Concealer:

Wet n Wild Photo Focus Concealer covers the medium to buildable lines on the face. It is easy to apply, giving an even skin tone when you put it on your face. You don’t need to use the brush for applying the concealer. Females can apply the Wet n Wild concealer on their face by using their hands. Then, you can start with the makeup on your face. 

3. Oriflame The One IlluSkin Concealer:

Concealer Under 500

Oriflame concealer gives light to medium coverage to the skin while applying it. The consistency of the product is neither too thick nor light. It is not too runny. The concealer does not crease into the fine lines of the skin. It is a suitable product for routine use purposes. Still, the only problem related to the product is that it does not come in different shades. You don’t have multiple options available in the Oriflame concealer under 500. On the other hand, it is an affordable product in the range of Rs. 500 in the concealer category.

4. Rimmel London Match Perfection Skin Tone Adapting Concealer:

Concealer Under 500

Rimmel concealer is the tone adapting concealer. Moreover, it is a medium concealer type, which you can use daily. It is a perfect concealer for females to apply and effectively hide skin imperfection. Moreover, the Rimmel concealer comes in the brush tip form to make it easy to apply the product properly on the face. It comes with a creamy consistency that hides the dark circles present in the skin to a good extent to make the skin look even. You can start applying the makeup after using the concealer properly on your face.

5. Swiss Beauty Professional Liquid Concealer:

Concealer Under 500

Swiss Beauty liquid concealer does not contain oil and waxes. It gives natural coverage to the skin when you apply it to your face. Swiss Beauty products are natural and do not contain any artificial substances in them. Therefore, you can start using the product without worrying about your skin. It is a low price concealer in India.

Tips for Using the Concealer

  • You should ensure that your skin is moisturized properly while applying the concealer to it. Then, it will become easy to apply the concealer. It will spread evenly on the skin and hide the skin imperfection. People with oily skin should carefully choose the best concealer for those in India under 500
  • You can do the setting of the concealer by using the powder. Different types of concealers are available in the market, including full coverage and light coverage concealer products. 
  • The full coverage type of concealers provides complete coverage from the scars and the dark circles. The light sheer concealers cover only the thin layers in the skin. These concealers are effective in hiding small imperfections and blemishes. 
  • On the other hand, Maybelline and Swiss products are suitable for concealer for Indian skin. Consider the skin type while considering which type of concealer is best for your skin. 

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