Concealers Under 200- Buy Budget Concealers Online

The Concealer is an important beauty cosmetic when it comes to makeovers. The dark sport and uneven skin tone always bother us and make us feel less confident. However, a good Concealer will always help you hide these spots and give your face a clean and even tone. But we know the Concealers are quite costly to afford. Now, if I tell you there are some good brands that offer the best qualities of Concealers at a very reasonable price, that too as low as below 200! Yes,

Here is a list of Concealers below 200.

1. Swiss Beauty Liquid Concealer

The brand of Swiss Beauty is now in vogue for carrying a wide range of makeup products. The qualities are also up to the mark. They have great varieties and also are pocket friendly. One of the best beauty products that are brought by Swiss Beauty is the Swiss Beauty Liquid Concealer.

The Concealer is creamy in texture and is very easy to apply with. It comes in a transparent glass container. The design of its bottle is quite attractive. The Concealer has a liquid consistency. With the help of the brush that comes with the bottle, you can easily apply it to the required area to hide your spots. This Swiss Beauty Liquid Concealer will come at a price of Rs. 199. However, you can get some more discounts at Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, or Purple. 

Ratings- I would rate it 4 out of 5.

2. Insight Cosmetics Pro Concealer


If someone asks me what my favorite Concealer is under the category of Rs. 200, I would definitely say that it is the Insight Cosmetics Pro Concealer. It is actually the best concealer, and it is really a Pro! I really love this concealer. It is very creamy in texture and gas-liquid consistency. It does not come with a stick or brush.

So, you have to apply this using another brush, sponge, beauty blender, or with your hands. Although I use it with my hands, and it is really easy to blend. The Insight Cosmetics Pro Concealer comes at a price of just Rs. 180. You might get some good discounts at Flipkart, Amazon, Nykaa, or Purple. 

Ratings – I would rate it 5 out of 5.

3. Blue Heaven Expression Make-Up Stick 100% Water


The Blue Heaven Expression Make-Up Stick 100% water Concealer comes at a price of just Rs. 95. So, you find this is really very economical and pocket friendly. This is not a liquid Concealer but a stick or bar. So, it might take you some effort to apply properly right on the marks. But with once or twice of use, you will learn the technique. You have to blend it properly. Moreover, it is travel friendly. So, you can easily carry it without thinking about its spillage. However, take care not to break the stick. 

Ratings – I would rate it 3.5 out of 5.

4. Swiss Beauty Perfect Match Pen Stick

Here is another best beauty product of Swiss Beauty. The Swiss Beauty Perfect Match Penstock Concealer is a perfect choice for you if you want professional concealers, with great packaging and designing and that too at an affordable price. This is another personal favorite of mine. It is not a liquid Concealer. But the stick is very handy and easy to apply. It perfectly hides all the marks. The Swiss Beauty Perfect Match Penstock Concealer comes at a price of Rs. 199

Ratings – I would rate it 4.5 out of 5.

5. Olivia Make up Stick 

A very few know about this Concealer. The Olivia Make up Stick is a less popular Concealer. But once you use it, you come to know about its quality. It blends clearly with the skin tone. Apply it after you are done with the Foundation. It remains longer on the skin and perfectly hides the specks. The Olivia 

Makeup Stick comes at a price of Rs. 150. 

Ratings – I would rate it 4 out of 5.

6. Blue Heaven UHD Make up Stick Professional 

The Blue Heaven Cosmetic Brand brings you another Concealer. It is the Blue Heaven UHD Makeup Stick Professional Concealer. As the name suggests, it will give a very professional look by effectively concealing the uneven skin tone and patches on your skill. It will take really long on your skin as well. The Blue Heaven UHD Make up Stick Professional comes at a price of just Rs. 125

Ratings – I would rate it 4 out of 5.

7. VLCC Glam Glo 10 in 1 Skin Perfector SPF 30 PA+++

The VLCC is quite an old brand and has gained a lot of trust and confidence over the past decades. So, this brand brings you one of the best concealers at a very affordable price. 

The VLCC Glam Glo 10 in 1 Skin Perfector SPF 30 PA+++is an amazing and pocket-friendly Concealer and gives you very good coverage. The best part about this is, it has SPF. This prevents harmful sun rays from affecting your skin. It is an amazing cosmetic product and a must-have. The VLCC Glam Glo 10 in 1 Skin Perfector SPF 30 PA+++ Concealer comes at a price of Rs. 150

Ratings – I would rate it 4 out of 5.

8. Biotique Natural Make up Magic are all Day

Now, this is my Mom’s favorite Concealer. Biotique nowadays is emerging as great skincare, hair care, and cosmetic brand. The best part of the Biotique brand is that it has fewer chemicals, as compared to other brands. Moreover, it is an organic brand. This concealer, although you might need to apply a little more of it, it blends in a good way with the skin. This effectively hides all the dark spots.

I would definitely recommend you this if you want to have fewer chemicals in your Concealer. The Biotique Natural Make up Magic are all Day comes at a price of just Rs. 140

Ratings – I would rate it 4.5 out of 5.

9. Insight Cosmetics 2x Cover Master Concealer – Rich Tan

This concealer is an excellent product for all skin types and gives an ultra-natural finish. It is quite weightless and has full coverage. It helps provide coverage against dark circles, scars, spots, visible pores, and many more. Insight cosmetic also helps minimize the appearance of fine lines and is considered a high-definition skin firming concealer. This concealer gives you an even-toned and clear look to shine from the outside. The MRP of this product is ₹110. This concealer has four-star ratings.

10.Rimmel London Hide The Blemish Concealer – 002 stand

This concealer will give you a stunning look as it removes any imperfections and dark circles under your eyes. It has a convenient stick format and gives five hours of easy wear on your skin. It also has an easily blendable texture with Ultra creamy formula in it. Another advantage is, this product is dermatologically tested, so it is safe to use for everyone. The rating of this product is 3.6/5, and the MRP of this concealer is ₹90.

11. Coloressence Make Up Pan Stick – Ps4

This product is suitable for all skin types as the components and pigments it contains lock moisture within the pores of your skin. With this, your skin gets ready to look more stunning and fresher every time you go out. This makeup stick is available in various shades. Any shade which you think will suit your skin, go for it. It will keep your skin hydrated for a natural finish. The MRP of this product is ₹160.

12. L. A Colors Cover Up Concealer Stick – Lavender

This is an easy-to-use concealer stick that has a lot of benefits associated with it. It will cover, correct, and blend to conceal imperfections and dark circles under your eyes and make you look way more beautiful than before. It comes in four different shades. It has a full coverage formula and is fragrance-free. It is also enriched with Vitamin E to protect your skin completely. The MRP of this product is ₹200.

13. Insight Cosmetics Pro Concealer Palette – Correcter

This product has six different shades on a wheel. Out of the few of the shades are light shades, and a few are dark shades. These Shades can be used to treat imperfections, dark circles, and contour. It helps in covering redness, discoloration and effectively gives the skin a bright touch-up. It has a soft creamy formula for soothing skin. Insight pro concealer is an authentic product and is suitable for all skin types. This concealer is waterproof and crease-resistant. This product has a 4.4-star rating.

14. Blue Heaven Oil Control Foundation Stick Silk Matte – Vanilla Very Fair- 101

This pan stick from blue heaven is waterproof, and it has six different shades. It comes with a creamy concealer in stick form. And it is most suitable for your body and your face. You can easily apply the concealer to the dark circles under your eyes to give you a youthful and stunning look. You can also use it as a base while applying your Foundation. After you’ve applied the concealer, you can do your makeup easily. The MRP of this product is ₹100.

15. Insight Cosmetics Concealer – Beige

It is a lightweight concealer that can provide you with an outstanding and flawless look. It has an easy-to-blend texture so that everyone can use it with full effectiveness. Insight concealer is a long-wearing Concealer that will remove the dark circles under your eyes and reduce redness and imperfections. Also, the tiredness under your eyes can be cured with this fantastic concealer. It comes with compact packaging and brightens your skin like no other. The MRP of this product is ₹100.

16. Gala of Stick Cover London Concealer

This stick cover concealer from the gala has expertise in treating dark circles and other imperfections. It is a densely pigmented concealer that eliminates blemishes and helps in reducing puffiness and inflammation as it is applied near the eyes, so it has a soft, creamy texture that is easy to blend. It evens your skin tone and hides imperfections. This concealer is suitable for all skin types. You can easily blend perfectly for natural coverage. You can use it as a base for your foundation as it will give you a long-lasting effect. The MRP of this product is ₹125.

17. Blue Heaven Flawless Liquid Concealer

It is a high coverage concealer that comes in a tube. It provides a flawless finish and amazing results because of its creamy texture, which easily glides on smoothly. It will help you to hide dark circles, spots, and other imperfections. This concealer comes in six different shades and is suitable for all skin types. It is fully loaded with moisturizer so that your skin is hydrated all the time. It is an easy-to-apply concealer and is much comfortable to wear. The MRP of this product is ₹150.

18. Blue Heaven Skinsurance Perfect Touch Concealer Stick ( With Unique Blending Brush ) – 03 Natural

This concealer comes with a unique blender brush and is completely waterproof. It covers skin discoloration and imperfections. It has a super creamy texture which is easy to blend. The concealer will help in places like dark circles under your eyes, dark spots, and many more on the list. It has a dual-ended design which has a brush on one end and a brush applicator on the other end. It is a 100% authentic product and is suitable for all skin tones. Coming about the price, the MRP of this product is ₹150.

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