Masonic Bracelet

Get A Masonic Bracelet Right Now And Declare Your Loyalty!

1.Who Are Masons?

Masons are a part of a fraternal organization created in the 13th century and believed to protect the rights of stonemasons. They are a very close-knit community. They believe in a supreme being and immortality. To become a freemason, the applicant has to be an adult male. The community of Masons was created to protect their craft and because they were proud of it. The values that the Freemasons uphold are loyalty, charity, and obedience to the law. They also have ideals that include tolerance for all kinds of religions, ethnic diversity, etc. This generally means that the freemason community is free to anybody to join until they believe in the Supreme power.

2.Who Were The Freemasons?

The Freemasons were believed to be the oldest fraternal organization of this civilized society. There are many symbols and secret codes which the Masonic members use to communicate amongst themselves. Being one of the oldest organizations, there were many famous people who were part of it. To name a few, Benjamin Franklin, president Washington, Roosevelt, Winston Churchill,  Benjamin Franklin. Benjamin Franklin also created the first Masonic Lodge in America.

3.Masonic Symbols

The most famous Masonic symbol is the all-seeing eye. Though it was not created by the Masons, it has been used as a cygnet amongst all Freemasons. There is also another symbol where it is a triangle, and there is a G in between. The presence of G is highly controversial as it is considered either to symbolize God as in the universal architect or it can mean something else. Whatever it is, signets or symbols have been an important part of Freemasons for communication.

4.Why Do Freemasons Use Symbols In Jewellery?

The Freemasons use symbols or a common secret code as a form of communication as it promotes loyalty and confidence amongst the members of the community. If a certain member wears jewelry that contains Masonic symbols, it is seen as a way of showing respect and accepting the Masonic ideology. When a person where’s a piece of jewelry that contains one of the Masonic symbols, it is considered as a sort of secret handshake or a secret form of communication. It is the only way you show loyalty towards your Masonic brothers.

5. Masonic Bracelets

The Masonic bracelet is a rather new piece of jewelry that is used by more new members of the community. This is because it was traditional to use a Masonic ring as a signet. But even if someone owns other pieces of Masonic jewelry like necklaces rings, they do opt for bracelets. The bracelets wound on hand can possibly show the symbols in a more outward manner and thus promote the feeling of loyalty towards the brotherhood more. The members of the community usually customize such bracelets with their choice of symbols or as they deem fit.

6.Why Wear A Masonic Bracelet?

A bracelet is, in a way, a great way of showing your sense of fashion. Within the Masonic communities, it is important to signify your loyalty and confidence in the community, and a bracelet is a great way to showcase that. Also, bracelets come with the option of customizing them to your own liking, so you can add any kind of symbols as you wish.

7.Kinds Of Masonic Bracelets

There are many kinds of Masonic bracelets that are available on various e-commerce platforms. Usually, the ones which are available on Amazon or such other websites do not have the option of customizing them, but there are certain websites that are dedicated to only Masonic jewelry, and they do provide customizable options. They come in various kinds of materials, but they are usually made of metals. It is important that the bracelet is made from some kind of metal. It can either be made from gold or steel or whatever the status of the Masonic brother might be.


It is important that you get some form of jewelry if you are part of the Masonic society. If you belong to the newer generation, you might surely prefer a Masonic bracelet, so do consider getting yourself one to promote the feeling of loyalty towards your Masonic brothers and promote the ideals of brotherhood within the community society.

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