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Hair Removal Guide: Which Method Is Best For You?

Once you hit puberty, the body hair starts bothering you more than anything else. You must have researched and tried every possible method to get rid of those unwanted body hair.

Body hair growth generally depends upon your hormones, genetics and sometimes your health conditions.

The cosmetic industry is flooded with a variety of products to get rid of this body hair. It may get a little tricky to choose the best possible method that suits your skin type and hair thickness while staying within your budget.

Where some people like to remove them regularly, most people around the world have started accepting their natural body the way it is.

Here, we have enlisted some of the most popular hair removal methods. Just check out and pick the best one for you.

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1. The Quick and Fast Option: Shaving

Almost every girl has tried this quick and cheap method of removing hair. It is more accessible than any other hair removal method, as you can do it by yourself in the shower. Removing hair by shaving may save your time, but you need to be extra careful with the blades. Buy the razors specially designed for women to avoid cuts and nicks. Exfoliating skin before shaving is a good idea to remove ingrown hair. Use a foaming gel or soap, and then apply the strokes in the opposite direction of hair growth. Moisturize the skin after the shower as it gets too dry after shaving. Being a temporary method of hair removal, you may need to repeat it every other day.

2. A Well Known Method: Waxing

Unlike shaving, waxing removes the hair for a longer time. Although it’s painful, waxing removes hair from the roots. Hot wax applied to the hair makes it easier to pull them off. It removes the dead skin cells too. Most women prefer waxing over shaving for longer results. Shaving is a quick method, but hair starts growing in 2-3 days depending upon your hair growth; whereas waxing results can last up to 4 weeks.

3. The Long-Term Effected Method: Epilate

Epilating is somewhat like waxing as it removes the hair from its roots. However, no wax is used in this method. Epilation is done with the help of an electronic device called an epilator. It comprises multiple tweezers that pull off your hair from the roots. Removing hair using epilator results in smoother skin and a gradual reduction in hair growth over time. You don’t need to grow your hair for removal like you do in waxing. It’s a favorable method to remove small hair. This method saves your time and money, but it may seem quite painful for beginners.

4. The Best Method: Tweeze

Tweezing just means plucking out hair from the roots with the help of a tool called a tweezer. This method is quite effective for long term hair removal, but it’s suitable for small areas like eyebrows or removing leftover hair after shaving and waxing. Tweezers are used to remove one hair at a time so relying upon them for hair removal from legs and arms is not suggestible.

5. Depilatory Cream Method

These chemically formulated products are one painless method of removing the hair efficiently. The depilatory cream is a cost-effective and easy hair removal method for beginners. It’s easy to apply in places that are tricky for waxing and shaving. You can use these creams at home all by yourself. You need to apply the cream for the recommended time and wash it off. You must avoid these chemicals on bruised or damaged skin to avoid any further reaction or damage.

6. Ancient Method: Sugaring

Sugaring is a similar method to waxing. It’s an ancient technique of removing unwanted hair. Sugaring is a little less painful than waxing because hair is pulled in the same direction of hair growth. Sugaring can be done at home by preparing the sugar, lemon and water paste mixed in the right amount. This paste is then applied over the unwanted hair and is pulled off from the roots. The sugar and lemon make the skin soft and remove the dead skin cells. Sugaring is suggested at least 4 weeks apart.

7. Electrolysis Method

The electrolysis method is used to remove the unwanted hair from the face and body. In this method, electrolysis devices are used to destroy the hair follicles with the help of heat or chemicals. A hair follicle is removed with the tweezer after inserting a very fine probe into the hair follicle. This procedure is attempted several times to get the desired results. Usually, there are no serious side effects other than a reddening of the skin and minor swelling.

8. Common Method: Laser Hair Removal

Lair hair removal is the most common cosmetic procedure to remove unwanted hair from any concerned area. This procedure is performed by dermatologists or professionals at the salons. The laser is targeted on the selected area, which removes the hair without damaging the skin. Laser treatment requires multiple sittings to remove hair permanently, thus making it an expensive procedure. The method is considered permanent for its favorable results, yet there are some exceptions to it. This method is more expensive than its counterparts and reliable for long term results.

9. The Newest Method: Intense Pulse Light (IPL)

This is a hair treatment method that has gained fair popularity for the last few years. Here the light pulse is used to put hair root on the resting mode, and the remaining hair on the surface gradually falls off. This method can be carried out at home with the help of IPL devices. Although the hair reduction takes time and requires repetitive sittings, it’s still worth your time and money. The results vary individually, they are still impressive as hair grows back very slowly.

10. Bleach Hair Removal

Bleaching hair isn’t an actual hair removal method but still, many people use it frequently. The chemical bleach powder (skin-friendly of course) is mixed with the cream and applied over the area of unwanted hair. The hair colour lightens up and creates an illusion of hair-free skin. This method doesn’t require any professional help. You can perform it on your own at home. Always avoid the bleach on sensitive/bruised skin and the area around the eyes. You must perform a patch test on your skin to check for any serious allergic reactions.

11. Threading Method

It is an inexpensive method to remove hair. Here, a thread is used to pluck off the hair by twisting it over the unwanted hair. This method is often used to shape the eyebrows. Unlike tweezing, multiple hair strands are plucked off simultaneously.

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