Friendship Day

How To Celebrate Friendship Day- 11 Amazing Ways

We get some relationships by the grace of God however there are only few that we create on our own and Friendship relationship is one of those relationships. A friend is someone who will hold you when you are in pain and will help you when you need someone to show you the right path in life. While we embark on our journey of college life, it is the friends with whom you start feeling like a family. Suddenly, you find a bunch of some people who make your life beautiful and help you in every situation of life.

Friendship day is approaching and it’s the time when you can show to those gems that have made your college life so special. Here are some ways in which you’ll celebrate Friendly relationship day in college. Find here……

1. Plan a Trip Into the Nature’s Lap

One of the best ways to spend some time with these precious people in your life is to plan a plentiful trip into the nature’s lap. Friendship day 2018 is approaching and it’s higher to inform your friend concerning a  similar days before the day. Make most of the day!

2. Movie Night Out

Its fun going out for a movie with your friends!! Check out which movie is going to release on that day and invite everyone in your class. That’s really an awesome idea, no matter what type of movie it is, you will enjoy it to for sure because your friends are around.

3. Late Night Chit Chat

A little chit chat along with your friends can be really relaxing and when its friendship day you must has a lot to share with each other. Make sure that no one misses the chance and invite each of your friends so that everyone can share their story.

4. Throw a Party

Throwing a party is never a bad idea and it will always make any occasion a special one. A party not only will give time to enjoy the moment to the fullest but it will also give the perfect space to enjoy your friend’s company after the college hours.

5. Recollect Sweet Memories

A great way to celebrate Friendship Day in a memorable way would be make an album of your most intimate and special moments spent along. This can even be the foremost touching Friendship Day activity for you and your friend because it can assist you to rewind and relive your tried and true bonding.

6. Prepare Collage Pictures

It can be one of the heart-warming ways to make your friends feel how important is your friends’ company is for you. Collect some pictures that showcase your friendship, that have captured some of the most loving times of togetherness and make a beautiful collage of it.

7. Give Treat to Your Friend

A treat is always the best idea!! Make a list of your friends’ gang who are more like a family and then call them one by one inviting them for the treat. You can ask everyone to contribute for the treat if it’s not allowing your budget.

8. Sleepover Plan with friends

A sleepover with friends is that the most perfect method of celebrating friendship day!! Call all your friends and ask them to be there for the sleepover party. Get some pizza, cold drinks and French fries to make enjoy the day to the fullest.

9. Make a DIY friendship Day Card

DIY gifts are the best things because they vividly showcase the feelings of your heart! It is a nice idea to make a DIY friendship Day card on this great occasion. You need to get creative this time and make a beautiful card.

10. Prepare a Friendship Day Video

Collect some pictures download some soothing friendship day music from the internet and make a heart touching video to make your friend feel loved.

11. Plan a Party in the College Canteen

Canteen is one of the most favorite places to hang out with friends and when its friendship day you can always plan a party at the canteen. You may also get it decorated with some theme! Order some delicious items from the menu and luxuriate in the party.

These are some of the most exciting ways that to celebrate friendship day!! Make your college life unforgettable by following these friendship day celebration ideas. Also, you can send heart-touching friendship day messages and quotes.

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