How To Do Smokey Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup – How To Do Smokey Eye Makeup?

Makeup is considered an art. Makeup can completely transform you into being confident. In our daily life, we often go around doing any makeup. Maybe it is for anyone party, functions, marriage celebration or any festival. The complete makeup look can be the limelight of whole scenarios. But it comes to several makeup techniques; the one that always comes on the trend is the Smokey eye look. Smokey eye makeup is something that every woman is fond of. The beautiful eyes get their sense of power with the smokey eye makeup.  

Every woman loves to acquire that kind of look. In my personal view, I always look for the Smokey eyes as my signature makeup look. It would be best if you were very classy and right in your techniques when you go out to create the Smokey eye makeupSmokey eye does not mean putting a heavy black color as your makeup base. The art of making Smokey eye makeup needs the right time and right place. You can’t do it and go anywhere. It is very much tricky to do the Smokey eye makeup. If you are not in the zone of knowing the right techniques, then it can become a disaster.

Here we will tell you the latest Smokey eye look that will make you a pro in just a few practices. So let’s look at it.

1. Black Smokey eye makeup 

Step1- for doing this makeup, you will need primer, concealer, black eye shadow, black liner, mascara, and eyeshade brush.

Step 2- In this step, you have to clean the base. You have to apply the primer, and a primer will help you stay on the makeup for a longer period. It will also help blend the eye shadow. 

Step 3- You have to use the concealer under the eyes and on the eyelids to even the discoloration if you have any. 

Step 4- In the next step, you have to put on the black eye shadow in the outer corner and blend it to the crease. Blend it in very smooth manners so that there are no harsh lines. If you want more intensity, you can go to putting a darker color.

Step 5- Then, you have to put the gel or pencil liner. Smudge it out and blend it with black eye shadow. If you need to make an intense look, you can go on taking the eyeliner and crease and deepen the line. Always make sure to blend it well. 

Step 6- Now, put the liner and smudge it out to have a Smokey effect.

Step 7- At the last, apply your voluminous mascara. Then you are ready to hit the stage.  

The black Smokey eye is very classy, and it is perfect for hitting the club at night.

2. Gold Smokey eye makeup 

Step 1- for this look, you need to have primer, concealer, gold eye shadow, cream and powder textures, dark brown eye shadow, black liner, fake lashes, mascara, and eye shadow brushes.

Step 2- In this, you have to use primer and concealer for the eyelids. 

Step 3-You have to use gold eye shadow for the base. This will make your gold color shines out. You can also add more powder to add color. 

Step 4-Then you have to pack the gold eye shadow and go on blending.

Step5- Take a dark brown eye shadow and go for applying it to the outer corner, then go on the crease for creating the depth.

Step 6- You have to keep applying the gold in the middle eyelid and add little brown in the outer corner. Add the gold eye shadow in the lower lash line also.

Step 7- After that, go for the black liner on the waterline. 

Step 8- Now it’s time to apply the eyeliner to the upper lash and flick it out. For completing the look, apply the fake lashes and end the look by applying the mascara.  

This look is gorgeous for the wedding. You can also go on with this makeup look for holiday purposes.

3. Purple Smokey eye makeup

step 1- for creating this look, you will need primer, concealer, lilac shimmery eye shadow, black eye shadow, dark purple eye shadow, peachy –pink eye shadow, black liner, mascara, and eye shadow brushes. 

Step 2-First of all, start the look with the lilac shimmery eye shadow. It will be acting as your base color. 

Step 3- Then move on to some black color for the outer corner and blend it properly so that there is no harsh line left. 

Step 4-Then you have to use the slightly darker shade of purple. You have to apply it in the middle of the eyelid. This will create a smooth transition, which is in between lilac and black. Blend it, so it looks flawless. 

Step 5-Next comes to the peachy pink shade. For this, you have to do the fluffy blush, give it a natural look. 

Step 6-Apply your kohl or eyeliner in the lower lashes and smoothly smudge it out. This will give you a Smokey effect.

Step 7- Next, you have to tight line your upper waterline and give your lashes a full look. Go for applying the mascara, and here you go with Purple Smokey eye makeup.

4. Bronze Smokey eye makeup-

Step 1- for creating this look, you have to use primer, concealer, bronze eye shadow, dark brown eye shadow, nude eyeliner, gold eyeliner, and mascara. 

Step 2- go with bronze eye shadow. It will cover the whole eyelid and run over your lower lash line. 

Step 3-Then use the dark brown eye shadow and a liner brush to create a smudged outline. Apply the same thing for the lower line also.  

Step 4-Then go for applying the bronze eye shadow as desired.  

Step 5-Apply the nude eye pencil and run it along the lower lash line. 

Step 6-Use the gold eye pencil and eye shadow, and to it, add some shimmery highlight.

Step 7- At last, finish the look with a good mascara coat.

Here we have given some details of Smokey eye look. There are many more like silver Smokey eye makeup, blue Smokey eye look, pink Smokey eye makeup, green Smokey eye look, black and gold Smokey eye makeupand pink and grey Smokey eye makeup. So you all can try different Smokey eye look and make yourself feel gorgeous.

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