Top 5 Super Affordable Liquid Lipstick Under 100 Rs

IGirls without lipstick are never be assumed. The girls who can not afford the full set of makeup kits. They can at least use the lipstick always. Not only a girl, but a woman of every age also love to apply lipstick. In ancient days there were only creamy lipsticks. After that, matte lipsticks are invented. And in recent years, liquid lipsticks have become widespread. But the budget matters. There are so many college girls who can’t save their pocket money more than 100. Especially for them, this article will help you to get liquid lipstick under 100 only.

The Top 5 Lipsticks At 100/- Only

Lipstick is a common cosmetic in a girl’s bag. And liquid lipstick is the craze among fashion freak girls. However, it is too difficult to find out liquid lipstick under 100. Don’t be upset. In this article, we are going to give the top 5 liquid lipstick which is at a surprising price, 100/- only.

1. Blue Heaven Special Matte Liquid Lip Color: Liquid Lipstick at 65/-, can you imagine that? If not, then Blue Heaven already has comprehended and turned it into reality. Blue Heaven has launched liquid lipstick at only 65/-. The lipsticks are available in 12 excellent shades. The nude shade is now the craze in the fashion circle. You can get this nude shade in Blue Heaven also. Not only nude but there is also a wide range of colors from red, deeper red to brown, pink, etc. The lipsticks are lightweight and very affluent to wear. The applicator is also fluffy and smooth for applying decently. At 65/-, you can get 5 ml of liquid lipstick.

2. Insight Cosmetics Non-transfer Lip Color:

Though the brand may be new to you, Insight Cosmetics Non-transfer Lip Color is one of the best affordable liquid lipstick under 100. The price is 90/- only. It is more elegant to be wear in a single application. You haven’t to apply a second coat again. At 90/-, this liquid lipstick is long-lasting and you can achieve a velvety touch. Apply this lipstick without any hassle for an entire day. It has a hydrating formula which helps to get the lipstick to dry more.

3. Sexy 6Colors Long Lasting Waterproof Ultra Matte Nude Liquid Lipstick:

One of the newest brands is LUWHICEY. This brand has launched the mini liquid lipstick at only 35/-. Six different colors give a fine finishing and glossy look. It claims that it is waterproof. A schoolgirl can also purchase this lipstick easily. This lipstick is long-lasting enough and moisturizing too.

4. Stay Quirky Mini Liquid Lipstick:

This mini lipstick consists of 1.6 ml. It’s also the newest cosmetics brand. The lipstick is available in a tube-shaped container and with a smooth applicator. It’s also shinny to be worn. So many vibrant colors are accessible in this range. The price is also in your budget, only 100/-.

5. NICE FACE Colorful Matte Liquid Lipstick:

Among the new familiar brands one is NICE FACE. It has initiated matte liquid lipstick in so many gorgeous colors. The price is also too low, 80/- only. One of the most demanding colors in this range is purple. It also claims that it is long-lasting and can resist water.


Hope this articlemay help you to find your favorable liquid lipstick under 100. This article can prove that money can not be an obstacle to adorn yourself. A school or college girl can also afford this lipstick from their pocket pinch. If you want to get more details, please stay tuned to

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