Massage Gun- How to choose and use a massage gun
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Massage Gun- How to choose and Use a Massage Gun

A massage gun that is attracting attention now when you can maintain your body at home. It is suitable for fascia release to relieve the tension of the fascia (the thin membrane that covers the muscles), and the number of cases where professional athletes, trainers, and chiropractors use massage guns is increasing. In addition to muscle care, it is also expected to be effective in relieving stiff shoulders and back pain.It is also recommended for massage of shoulder blades and calves, but it is also said to be suitable for “fascia release” to loosen the stiffness of the fascia. What’s more, unlike foam rollers, massage guns have become popular these days due to the advantage that they can be used in a natural posture with moderate relaxation of the whole body. Buy massage Gunfrom our site.

How to Use a Massage Gun:

The massage gun is easy to use, just apply the attachment at the tip to the part where you are concerned about stiffness. Comfortable vibrations aim at the deep part of the muscle and work to loosen the stiffness. It can also be used on the whole body such as shoulders, hips, knees, face and calves.

Precautions When Using:

When using a massage gun, it is recommended to start the vibration at the weakest level. If you feel unsatisfactory there, gradually increase the vibration. Be careful not to apply the massage gun to the same area for too long. As a guide, it is recommended that the time applied to one affected area is 10 seconds to 3 minutes at the longest.

It can be said that massage guns cannot be expected to have a slimming effect such as dieting. Please use it only to aim to loosen muscles and fascia by vibration.

Checkpoints for Choosing a Massage Gun:

When purchasing a massage gun, it is recommended to check the following items.

1. Vibration Stroke (amplitude):

You can see how much the head part of the massage gun goes up and down from the vibration stroke. The guideline is about 4 mm for small ones and about 14 mm for large ones. It is said that the larger the stroke, the more effective it is to transmit vibration to deeper muscles.

2. Vibration Speed Adjustment Function:

Some people may feel that the vibration of the massage gun is too strong. Therefore, we recommend products that can change the vibration speed.

3. Types of Attachments:

The head (attachment) of the massage gun is basically replaceable. There are round ball-shaped ones and U-shaped ones. It has a shape suitable for arms, legs, back, etc., and it is recommended that the more types of attachments are attached, the wider the range of usage.

4. Weight:

Basically, the massage gun is rechargeable and has a battery, so it is heavy. The light one weighs about 350g, and the heavy one weighs about 1.5kg. We recommend that you choose a product that is reasonably heavy.

5. Quiet Operation Sound:

The massage gun is driven by a motor at high speed, so there is some noise. Generally, it is about 40 dB that is quiet. Since a small human voice is about 50 dB, it is recommended to choose a product that can be used with such noise.

6. Continuous Use Time / Charging Time:

It is also recommended to check the time required to charge the massage gun and the continuous usable time. There are two types of charging methods: AC adapter method and USB charging method. USB type-C also has the advantage of being able to share the charger with your Android smartphone.

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