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Nath Designs in 2022: 14 Stunning Concepts to Inspire Brides

Greetings, 2022 brides-to-be! If you’re someone who enjoys accessorizing her wedding appearance with exquisite jewellery, then you should take a look at these Nath designs for brides to get some inspiration. Bridal Naths have a way of bringing a sense of tradition to your bridal appearance while yet maintaining an air of elegance. The OTT designs with historical aesthetics or the basic designs with a minimalist appearance are available to you in a variety of styles. So, let’s have a look at some of the most gorgeous wedding Nath designs available.

This Wedding Season, take a look at some of the most stunning Nath designs for brides.

1. Designs for Oversized Bridal Naths

Huge wedding Naths are a timeless classic when it comes to killing the vintage bridal style, and there is nothing quite like them. The classic wedding appearance, complete with heavy bridal jewellery, is more popular among today’s brides. In addition, enormous hefty wedding Naths are a certain technique to meet the requirements.

oversized nath design
Nath Designs

2. Gorgeous Bridal Naths for Your Special Day

For those of you who want to keep things visually appealing and eye-catching, these lovely Nath designs are perfect for you. These ladies genuinely let their jewellery to be the star of their wedding day. We were smitten with the delicate Nath patterns that they chose for their wedding.

bridal nath
vintage nath
Vintage Nath

3. Small Nath Designs for Brides

We can’t seem to take our gaze away from these stunning and small wedding Nath creations. For those who despise fiddling with their jewellery on a regular basis, these stunning Nath designs are for you. The form and size are ideal for those modest wedding parties that need the bare minimum.

4. Bridal Naths with Pearl Drops

When you include pearl jewellery in your trousseau, you can be sure that you’ll be the centre of attention during the wedding. Pearl drop jewellery designs are, without a question, the most gorgeous of all of the options available. And these brides have certainly shown how nicely pearls can be in use in a Nath to boost your wedding appearance.

bridal dupatta

5. Nath Designs for Brides That Are Simple Yet Elegant

It is properly state that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and these brides are here to demonstrate it to you in their own style. From lovely brides to celebrities such as Katrina Kaif and Ankita Lokhande, the most exquisite pieces of Nath were worn for their weddings this season. The Nath ring, which has a basic style and provides a slight halo effect, is one of our favourites.

6. Designs that are Easy on the Wallet

Even on a lesser scale, a wedding ceremony is a large event that is quite costly. It is estimate that the average cost of a wedding ceremony is between five and six lacs. It is logical that we would strive to save at least a little money from some source in order to get by. The Nath designs play a significant influence in this!

It is an item that helps to complete the look of a bride’s makeup. You may choose from a variety of basic Nath styles to complement your simple wedding makeup. In reality, the younger generation is leaning toward simplicity, preferring to avoid the complexity of rituals and ceremonies as much as possible. Thus, simple designs are becoming trendier in today’s world of fashion.

silver bridal outfit

7. Designs that are Reminiscent of the Past

Nose rings have a long and illustrious history in our family’s history. Naths were formerly given to trustworthy maidservants as a sign of magnanimity by the queens. In addition, the Naths were in use to represent the social and economic standing of the kingdoms in the ancient world.

You may be wondering how this has anything to do with bridal Nath designs.

In reality, researching and preparation are two essential components of today’s fashion design process. Once you have a solid understanding of the Naths’ ancestors, you will be able to create your own original improvisations. So have a look at the designs that are accessible since there are many of them. This understanding will be very useful if the wedding ceremony is canter on a certain theme.

8. Take into Consideration Contemporary Designs.

Naths are wholly endemic to the area. It is an Indian invention that has undergone several modifications throughout the decades. Inspire by the traditional Nath designs, but with a more minimalistic approach, the current designs are in creation. For pre-wedding events such as Mehendi or sangeet, a floral Nath is a design that has become highly popular. Floral wedding Nath patterns are a simple but charming way to complete your appearance.

9. Bridal Nath with a Pearl String

What is there not to like about this clean and simple design? This is a Nath design that is both gorgeous and cost-effective to purchase and wear. When paired with a basic design, the sheer intricateness of the pearls may draw attention to themselves. This design would look fantastic when paired with a Kundan jewellery set. This is also your signal if you want to maintain a healthy balance between light Nath and heavier jewellery pieces.

plain nath design
minimal bridal nath

10. Kundan Bridal Nath

Invest in this Nath design if you want to be the star of the show right away! When it comes to choosing a wedding Nath, the Kundan Nath has long been a popular choice among brides everywhere. They are quite adaptable and may be used with any colour of wedding attire. And it is for this reason that they will never go out of fashion. It is possible to wear this with or without a chain if you are sporting a more modern style. Alternatively, for a more traditional style, you may match this Nath with a Kundan set, which is an ultimate pairing that is said to have originated in the royal courts of India’s Rajasthan state.

11. Guchhedar Bridal Nath

Guchhedar Nath is also referred to as the traditional Maharashtrian Nath, which means “traditional Nath.” The form of this Nath pattern is similar to that of a cashew nut, and it is often embellished with pearls and jewels. Most likely, you’ve seen this style in movies or on the weddings of celebrities. If you are not a fan of wearing heavy jewellery, this Nath style is perfect for your needs. It will look stunning when paired with heavy traditional sarees and gold jewellery, as seen below.

wedding jewellery

12. Shikarpuri Wedding Nath

Having moved on from Maharashtrian style, we have arrived at a design that has its origins in the Northern portions of India. The Shikarpuri Nath is an excellent choice if you want to include a massive, thick antique Nath into your bridal ensemble. This Nath style is popular among Punjabi brides since it is simple and elegant. You may select your size according to your face shape since it usually contains a hoop, which is available in a variety of sizes. The hoop is then secured to the hair with a chain that has been decorated. Due to the fact that this design is available in a variety of colour possibilities, most women nowadays like to style it in accordance with the colour of their bridal trousseau in order to seem as if they have achieved absolute perfection!

13. Flower Bridal Nath

When planning a sustainable wedding or just enjoying flowers, you should keep an eye out for this stunning bridal Nath! – As we all know, precious stones and noble metals are often employed in the creation of Maths, but flowers have introduced a new and refreshing take on the tradition. As a bonus, this design is also suitable for a destination wedding. And remember, not only will you be glowing with the right colours that the gorgeous flowers will provide you, but you will also be breathing in an aroma that will help you to relax on the big day.

Flower bridal nath

14. Statement Bridal Nath

Don’t be afraid to let your statement bridal Nath do the talking on your wedding day! These Naths are getting more popular, and we like wearing them as well. These huge Naths would look very stunning on you, and they’ll certainly elevate your wedding ensemble as well. If you want to elevate your wedding appearance to a whole new level, this is the design for you.

katrina kaif nath
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