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Office Exercises: 5 Simple Exercises to Stay Fit At a Desk Job

A desk job can leave you tired and exhausted. A desk job also affects your body and makes your muscles weak. If you work at your desk for a longer period then it’s a must to work out or practice simple Exercises to stay fit and healthy.

Office exercises can help to strengthen your muscles and keep you active. You can also have the best high supplement bodybuilding, as it’s a great supplement for your muscles. Listed below are some office exercises that you can practice, read on.

1. Neck Stretch

Neck stretch is great for your upper body muscles and upper back. Sit on a comfortable chair and grab any side of the chair with your right hand. Now, gently pull your neck while tilting your head towards left or right.

Feel the stretch from left to right and vice versa. Hold the position for about twenty seconds and repeat this exercise. Do take care of your comfort while practicing this neck stretch.

2. Inner Thigh Stretch

Inner thigh stretch is a great exercise for your hips and your inner thigh area. This exercise will help to get rid of tightness in the lower body area. Sit on a comfortable chair and widen your legs. You must keep your back straight along with abs in the contracted position.

Now, slowly move forward with the help of elbows pushing your thighs out. You must feel a complete stretch in your inner thigh area. You must hold this position for about twenty seconds. Repeat this five times for great results.

3. Shoulder Shrugs

Another great exercise or workout for your upper body is a shoulder shrug. Typing and clicking can cause a lot of stress in upper body muscles. This exercise will help to release the tension from shoulders and upper body muscles. Stand straight in a comfortable position and lift your shoulders in upward direction till your ears.

You need to squeeze your shoulders as hard as you are comfortable. Hold this position for about five seconds and roll your shoulders back at the same level. Repeat this seven to ten times for good results.

4. Reach and Bend

Reach and bend is another great workout for your neck and upper body muscles. The exercise helps to strengthen the upper body muscles. It’s simple to follow and you can also practice this exercise by standing at your desk area.

Simply extend your right ear over your head and reach out far according to your comfort to the left side by gently bending over. You need to hold this position for about ten seconds and repeat it on other side too. It’s a simple exercise and you can practice it daily while taking a break from work.

5. Rubberneck

Desk job involves looking at the computer screen and typing for many hours. Rubberneck exercise can help to relieve the tension and stress in the neck area and upper body making your muscles strong. Just sit up tall on the chair and drop your left ear towards your left shoulder slowly.

Hold for a few seconds and repeat this for your right side too. You can do this seven to ten times for staying fit.

Every individual is well aware that sitting for a whole day at desk is not a healthy way to live your life, but many of us have to do it anyway as it the only way to earn money. Sitting all day and staring at a computer screen continuously, or messing up your wrists and event the fingers at a keyboard, is very much dangerous than you’d ever thought of in your dreams. All that office activity leads to some or the other serious problems in the long term. So it’s very essential that you consider some exercises at the office desk in order to get rid of them. About 99% people who work in the office in front of the computer have neck pain issues everyday. This pain is very savior when we normally ignore them and does not take a proper action against that.

Make a proper schedule to stand up at your place and exercise. It might look a little insane, but this is pretty clear that this is the only alternative that will help you to get rid of the pain. You’re doing the best to set aside time for physical activity in the office, but finding time to exercise which is a challenge itself. Get out off your seat and make physical activity to be free and relaxed.

Exercising for one or two of minutes within the workplace is not terrible enough to stay you healthy and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You should take part in any physical activity during your leisure time in your office. Taking into account your own physical condition. Once you get into the habit of exercising for 20-30 minutes each day, you will be able to stay healthy and fit with an abundance of energy to satisfy the endless challenges at work. We recommend Do these exercises at your workplace and share your experience…!

Do practice the above office exercise or have HGH for bodybuilding as it helps to strengthen your muscles.

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