Place To Visit After Covid 19

Places To Visit After COVID-19

This year 2020 hasn’t turned out as it was expected. This is not a normal time. The corona pandemic has no doubt put all our plans on hold. With the Country under lockdown, all travel plans are also surely put on hold. COVID-19

Since the pandemic is on the horizon, the feeling of battling this invisible enemy is very tough. Also, with the Summer approaching, people must have planned their vacations. But it is very disheartening to cancel all your vacation plans due to lockdown.

Still, this corona cannot put a pause button on your travel too long. You will soon get out of your homes to explore the vibrant and colorful places. There are a variety of places that you can explore in India as well as outside India.

Here are the few suggestions for the travel lovers who can enjoy their travel once this lockdown is over:

1. Nagaland

Traveling to this beautiful place will take away all your Corona stress and worries. Traveling to this mountainous state will help you to relive your life with this scenic and well-preserved beauty. Investigate the leftovers of World War II in the state capital of Kohima and proceed to the state’s customary towns, delightful move structures, and the numerous endowments of nature.

2. Sikkim

Believe it or not, there couldn’t be a better choice than traveling to Sikkim. Truly a wondrous location, Sikkim is undoubtedly the best place to travel after the lockdown. Sikkim has folded away within the lap of the Himalayas. Its multicolored attractions from lavish backwoods, sputtering streams, and quiet lakes for staggering, Buddhist religious communities, national stops, and energizing experience exercises. Sikkim can surely be the best break from Corona.

3. Meghalaya

Meghalaya can prove to be the best place to travel after lockdown if you are looking for a peaceful vacation. The most favorite travel place in the Northeast is Meghalaya. There you will find a perfect blend of scene, food, culture, and architecture.COVID-19

4. Gulmarg

Cuddled in the lap of mountains, Gulmarg is one of the best spots for a trip in India. Activities you can do during your travel trip is- skiing, golfing, trekking, camping, etc.

5. Puducherry

This travel location bounded with fun, history and a vibe of France is located on the shores of Bay of Bengal and is the best travel spot.

6. Lahaul Spiti

This is one of the best travel spots. It is one of the most unexplored lands in the Country. There are many things to do in Lahaul Spiti like exploring ancient monasteries, trekking, and camping.COVID-19

Apart from India, you can also explore places outside India. Some must-visit places are:

7. Eifel Mountains, Germany

Among the most pleasant pieces of Germany is the Eifel mountains. Thirty kilometers south of Aachen, an hour from Cologne and exactly at the Belgian fringe, it’s enchanting.

8. Connemara, Ireland

The zone west of Lough Corrib has an absolute most stunning view in Ireland. Close to the promontories you can discover the absolute most beautiful towns (Roundstone) and best seashores (Doonloughan).

Other places to visit after lockdown are- Florence, Monschau, Aarhus, Eyam, etc.

Excited as of now?

Well, you need to wait for some more time and you do need to trust that the lockdown will be finished soon.

Don’t stress! This too shall pass. Then create new travel experiences once this lockdown is over.

Shaily Chaurasia

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