Johnson’s Baby Shampoo For New Born, 500ml

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  • Johnson’s Baby shampoo is mild, no harshness and gently cleanses the hair, and mild to the eyes as a pure water.
  • It contains the best balance in PH value and No chemical additives like Parabens, Formaldehyde And Dyes etc. Hypoallergenic and clinically mild proven.
  • The Doctor’s first choice recommends it for the infant baby.
  • It contains the 5 levels of safety test ensures the trust and cares the baby’s delicate eyes too. So No More Tear- Only Giggles.
  • Johnson’s Baby shampoo bottle is equipped with a pump mechanism for easy use.



Johnson’s Baby Shampoo contains mild properties without any harshness. Infant baby’s skin is so delicate as compared to the adults, so it needs extra care. It cares like a mom’s touch and cleans the baby’s hair & skull in the best manner without any adverse effect.

Johnson’s Baby shampoo contains antibacterial and antifungal properties that prevent infection and allergy. The shampoo nourishes the baby’s hair, makes them healthy, and cares for the baby’s delicate eyes, i.e. No More Tear-Only giggles. So every mother has been trusting the Johnson & Johnson Baby products from the heart for 125 years.



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