Rakhi Festival In India- Story, History, Facts & Reasons Raksha Bandhan

1The most cutest relationship in this world is the relation between a brother and sister. On the one hand, they quarrel with each other. And on the other hand, they take care of each other. We have no suitable words with which we can define the bonding between them.Rakhi

But the intense bonding becomes more powerful and lovable on a special day. And the day is Raksha Bandhan. In India, among numerous festivals, Raksha Bandhan is one of the extensively significant occasions in the Hindu culture. It’s a holiday too.

On this day, generally, the sister ties a ‘rakhi’ or talisman in the wrist of his brother. And the brother to show his love towards his precious sister gives some gifts. Though nowadays it’s not restricted between two siblings. For the sake of adhesion and affection, Raksha Bandhanis celebrated in every religion. There is no need to be one mother’s brother or sister.

One can celebrate this happiest occasion with their familiars and friends too. It is celebrated in August (Bengali month Shrawan) when it’s a full moon. So this is called ‘Rakhi Purnima’.It is also related to‘BhaiDuj’.

In 2021, the RakshaBandhanka calendar announces its date on 21st August. 

Why Is Raksha Bandhan Celebrated

The phrase is made with two different words. One is ‘Raksha’ and another is ‘Bandhan’. Raksha indicates the talisman or rakhi which is the symbol of protection. And Bandhan means bonding. The phrase came from Sanskrit vocabulary. The meaning signifies that a brother will always protect his sister from any impediments.

And in this way, their bonding will be stronger. The bonding is never be limited between the siblings those have blood connection. It can be celebrated among cousins, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law, etc.

Even the granddaughters also tie the rakhi to their grandfather in extreme happiness. The word rakhi originates from the Sanskrit term ‘raksika.

There are some different meanings of RakshaBandhan. They are given in the following.

  • In the year, 1829 it’s proclaimed in “Ann & Antiq. Rajasthan” by James Tod’sthat “this festival is celebrated in the season, Spring by Rajpoot ladies who conveys the rakhi to the adapted brothers.”
  • According to the ‘Dictionary of Hindustani And English Saluno’, in 1857, it’s said that “the rakhi is fastened around the wrist in the Bengali Shrawan month in the full moon.”
  • In 1884, as per the Urdu Dictionary, it’s explained that “the rakhi is a fraction of silk thread which is generally fastened around the wrist in the sacred day of the full moon as the emblem of respect and mutual reliance.”
  • In 1899 in The Sanskrit English Dictionary, Monier Williams also has depicted the same which has been illustrated in the above-mentioned Urdu Dictionary.
  • At last in the year 2013, we get the modified illustration from the Oxford Dictionary that “rakhi is a colorful band or string fastened around a man’s wrist by a woman in Hindu religion to expand the purity of brotherly relation.”

Origin Of RakshaBandhan Festival

There are some diverse facts about the origin of RakshaBandhanaccording to Hindu Mythology. Let’s explore the facts below.

Indra Dev And Sachi-

This is a great narrative related to our Hindu Mythology and we have got the fact from the ancient BhavisyaPurana. There was a huge rivalry between Gods and Demons. They commenced a massive battle among them. Indra was the lead God among Gods.

However, the battle became so arduous against the Demon ruler, Bali. At that time, Sachi, the wife of Indra Dev went to Lord Vishnu and pleaded to him. Then Lord Vishnu gave her a sacred bracelet made with a piece of cotton cloth.

Sachi fastened the bracelet around the wrist of Indra. At last, Indra Dev was successful to defeat Bali. From then it’s told that the amulets are a divine band which is the symbol of protection and a woman has to fasten it to a man.

Lakshmi And Demon King Bali-

This story is found in BhagavatPurana and Vishnu Purana. Here the Lord Vishnu was instructed to live beside the palace of Demon King Bali. Once the wife of Lord Vishnu, Lakshmi pursued to go to her aboriginal place, Vaikuntha. But they had to manage Bali for that consent.

Then she took a holy band and fastened it around the wrist of Demon Bali. And endorsed him as her brother. Bali became impressed.

At that time as a return gift, Lakshmi demanded permission for going to Vaikuntha with her husband, Lord Vishnu. And Bali granted that as his token of brotherly gift.


This is also an interesting story. Subh and Labh were the two handsome sons of Lord Ganesha. Suddenly they raised a demand for a sister. They, again and again, urged their father. At last Lord Ganeshaprepared Santoshi Ma from the ecclesiastical flames of God. And from then, Subh and Labhenjoyed their RakshaBandhan.

Krishna And Draupadi-

Lord Krishna is the prominent God. According to Mahabharata, the wife of Pandavs was Draupadi. She fastened rakhi to Lord Krishna. And Lord Krishna protectedDraupadiby returning her respect.

Yama And Yamuna-

The story is based on the death of God, Yama. He had a sister, named the Yamuna. But he was completely detached from her for 12 years long. One day, by accepting the advice of Ganga, Yama went to meet her sister. The Yamuna became so pleased and arranged a great day for him. So Yama told the Yamuna what she wanted as a gift. The Yamuna then demanded of meeting Yama again and again.

Listening to his sister’s demand, Yama agreed and made her eternal that they could meet with each other. Though this was the origin of Bhai Duj.

Rakhi; The Most Essential Thing Of Raksha Bandhan

RakshaBandhan takes for the sentiment of siblinghood and is additionally called Rakhi “the tangle of commitment”. individuals have a standard belief that the spiritual thread of Rakhi includes a sturdy power to bring nearer the stunning relationship of a brother and sister. Since yore, this pageant is being marked as each day to love the foremost pious relation on this planet.

The pageant of RakshaBandhan is wide celebrated all across the Asian nation and its name alters from a different place to put. Numerous myths & mythological episodes are related to the origin of this pageant.

India may be a country-wide noted for its robust family culture system. Therefore, every year, Rakhi is well known with legion eagerness & devotion. The promising competition of Rakhi signifies the sacred bond heart and affection that’s reinforced by Rakhi for brothers. The competition of RakshaBandhan is been thought of as a passionate occasion for celebrating the howling bond of siblinghood with the brothers.

This distinctive competition is well known for many love and frolic in India. In addition, to tie Rakhis on the wrists of pricey brothers, relishing tempting and gourmand delicacies, exchange of exciting gift things are been a part of this competition. of these events cumulatively build the colorful competition of Rakhi additional joy. Thus, Rakhi is that the most hoped-for & exciting competition among sisters & brothers. This competition falls on Shravana Purnima i.e. day within August.

Brothers and sisters of this entire world indulge in pleasant and delighted moments of festivals by fastening enticing Rakhi and exchange of spectacular gifts. This pageant unites the full family by conveyance all close to and expensive ones along. This occasion is taken into account because a good time to fancy with all by gorging on delicious sweet dishes.

Nowadays is marked by the splashing of blessings by elders on their young ones in sort of marvelous Rakhi gifts wrapped with devout sentiments.

All those sisters and agencies keep their eyes off from their brothers and cannot meet their brothers on the pageant, prefer to send Rakhi together with their cordially needs via traveler services or e-stores. Thus, long extents and physical impediments cannot gratify the essence of RakshaBandhan. this excellent pageant with success reunites individuals by transcending borders, castes and creed, and spiritual variations.

Types of Rakhi:-

We have already known why is Raksha Bandhan is celebrated. Now as the center of Raksha Bandhanis rakhi, we also have to be known about its variety. There are lots of designs available in the market.

Flower Rakhi-

It is the ancient design of rakhi. Here a rose is set in the middle of the round shape of rakhi. And it’s decorated with RajaniGandhaflowers.

Cartoon Rakhi-

For our little brothers, there is cartoon rakhi. Where the most popular cartoon characters are printed on heavy paper and are attached to the rakhi.

Woollen Rakhi-

It is one of the ancient rakhi, which is mainly made at our home by our mothers. The rakhi is prepared from colorful wool.

Customized Rakhi-

Nowadays it becomes so popular. Here you can get the rakhi with the photograph of your brothers.


Hope this article will help you to get knowledge about Raksha Bandhan. So order your favorite rakhi to celebrate this holy festival together with your brother and sisters.

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