Reasons That Leads To Extra Marital Affair In A Relationship

Reasons That Leads To Extra Marital Affair In A Relationship

Human beings are social animals. Hence, they require companionship and love to move through life. However, a lot of people are indulging themselves in extra Marital Affairs. There is no standardised socio-economic background or location. Surveys suggests that it has become a general notion around the globe. There are many reasons behind this.

People do not cheat just like that. There are several things that are not working out for them. There can be personality disorders or even childhood disorders which persuade them to cheat. Apart from that, there are infidelity issues as well. Even social media and poor boundaries play a role in this. Although, there are certain reasons because of which people cheat in a marriage. Read on to find out.

1. Marriage For Wrong Reasons

A lot of people take impulsive decisions in life. Hence, they get married for all the wrong reasons. Pressures from family and society tops the list. Also, sometimes you rush in to a marriage after a relationship. In such cases, you understand the person and their habits much later. So, once the deed is done you cannot do anything. Thus, when people meet someone with a better personality and looks, they are immediately attracted towards him/her. It is important to know when you are ready to turn a relationship into marriage or mental stability to accept it.

2. Personality Disorders And Psychological Issues

People with strong narcissistic traits and personality are more likely to cheat. Even people with personality disorders such as antisocial personality disorder are likely to cheat as well. This conditions is often driven by ego which is coupled by a sense of entitlement. People with these orders are often self-centred and so, they lack empathy as well. Thus, they fail to realise their actions towards their spouse. Even people who have attachment issues and intimacy problems face problems. This is because their partners are more likely to cheat.

3. Childhood Problems

People who have had bad childhood are prone to having an extra marital affair. If they have encountered traumatic situations like physical, sexual, emotional neglection and more, then they can indulge in cheating. These issues need to be resolved at the earliest. If they are not addressed properly, then the person will be associated with a higher chance of cheating. Apart from that, if someone is exposed to infidelity in childhood, then he/she is more likely to practise that in their adulthood. A survey suggested that children who had parents having an affair were more likely to do the same in their marriage as well.

4. Inability To Deal With Changes

Life throws challenges to everyone almost every day. Most people can deal with small changes easily. However, a lot of people cannot cope with the bigger changes of life. These can be a situation of illness of a family member, loss of a loved one or a sudden financial loss. In such times, people often cease to find comfort. If their spouse is also stressed and not attentive, then they might seek solace in someone else’s arms. Also, people like to engage with someone who is not connected to their tough circumstances in any way. It basically gives them a break from their own problems.

5. Emotional Disconnect

Marriage is not an easy job. You have to put in efforts to keep the spark alive. The fast paced lives are so demanding that it is quite possible for a couple to grow emotionally disconnected. This can happen due to lack of communication and spending time with each other. To be connected with each other, it is crucial to spend some quality time with each other. People need to go for movies, dinners and holidays. However, if a couple gets stuck in their routine, then they might lose the spark and find it somewhere else.

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