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Recombinant Protein Expression Protocols and Methods

There is a growing need for recombinant protein expression protocols and methods in industry and academia. Recombinant proteins are typically used in research and development, protein production, antibodies, assay development, biotherapeutics, industrial enzymes and vaccines. The demand for recombinant protein expression protocols is growing rapidly as the need for new industry and academic research is increasing. There are several methods to express proteins such as E. coli cell-free systems, mammalian cell culture systems, insect cells and yeast cells (such as Pichia pastoris).

Boster bio produces recombinant Protein in large numbers and offers one of the best and most efficient recombinant protein expression services in the industry. Its recombinant expressions are custom protein production of required protein by players in the industry. Boster Bio performs over 3000 protein expressions every year for users.

Why Choose Boster For Recombinant Protein Production?

Protein Expression Protocols

Taking protein production then you need to go to where you will get the most efficient protein production done to have the best result. Boster is a leading provider of recombinant protein expression protocols services, offering several advantages over operators in the industry. The Boster bio has been in existence since 1993 a d has continued to offer one of the best antibody production services to the industry.

It helps you save time and money in the production of your recombinant protein. With the wide selection of expression vectors and host cells, Boster Bio helps you have the best custom protein synthesis for your projects.

Boster Bio offers a large selection of purification methods for protein purification services to meet your needs. Boster Bio specialises in affinity chromatography purification techniques, which use monoclonal antibodies or other ligands to bind to target antigens on an array of surfaces (such as beads).

Recombinant Proteins For Antigens/Immunisations

Boster Bio specialises in offering recombinant protein used for antigens and immunisation purposes. Boster Bio produces simple E. Coli protein expressions with the lowest cost in the market. Boster Bio offers a comprehensive suite of protein expression services with various expression systems including E. Coli, insects, yeast and mammalian. Other services offered by Boster Bio services for recombinant protein production include purification, desalting, lyophilization, packaging and labeling.

Boster Bio specialises so in the production of antibodies. Antibodies are Y-shaped proteins that recognize and bind to other molecules, such as antigens. The two arms of the Y are termed the variable (V) regions, which allow for high specificity in binding to their target antigen. In addition to these variable regions, antibodies also contain constant regions (C). These constant region domains carry out functions such as antigen recognition and light chain interactions with heavy chains during antibody formation.

Features Of Boster Protein Expression Services

Boster’s recombinant protein production services are reliable, cost-effective and scalable. The custom protein synthesis and recombinant protein purification services allow users to develop their next-generation therapeutic proteins with ease. The Boster Bio protein expression services operate using these features:

  • Fast turnaround- The Boster protein expression service has a 2-week rapid expression time after gene synthesis. The Boster expression service time is top in the industry and guarantees users sound operating conditions.
  • Solubility expert- Boster uses the best proprietary technology for maximising solubility in the protein expression services.
  • Cost efficiency- Boster operates the production of recombinant protein using low-cost materials to get the best outcomes in the industry. Boster’s protein expression services use an economy of scale that lowers the cost of the service.
  • Comprehensive services- Boster offers the best of services when it comes to protein expression including purification, desalting, and tag cleaving.

Recombinant Protein Production Steps

The production and purification of recombinant proteins is a complex process that requires careful attention to detail. The procedures for the production of  protein at Bostser Bio include:

  • Free Consultation- Boster offers a free consultation which is optional for clients, during this free consultation Boster learns about the clients project and designs the best strategy to meet the requirements of the client.
  • In Silico Prediction- Boster determines if a client needs more than e. Coli expression, and takes the client’s requirements and runs them through its AI-powered algorithm. The AI-powered algorithm uses past expressions and experience to predict the best expression for the current client protein sequence.
  • Pilot Expression: Gene Synthesis- Boster does the pilot expression for gene synthesis which takes between 1 and 2 weeks to be completed.
  • Pilot Expression: Small Scale Pilot Expression- Boster expresses the client’s protein on a small scale for the purpose of optimising the expression conditions. Boster uses proprietary techniques to improve the solubility of the proteins. The small-scale pilot expression of proteins takes 2 weeks to be completed for E. coli while that of more complex expressions systems take much longer than 2 weeks. When this process is for a hard-to-express protein several of these iterations have to be done to arrive at the best conditions.
  • Optimisation- Boster offers a custom optimisation strategy to clients who need to scale up their protein production based on the optimal conditions detected during the pilot expression process.
  • Scale-Up Production- Boster Bio offers to scale up production for clients using their bioreactors that are always on standby. This is important to help Boster to produce proteins for clients up to gram levels and more.


Overall Boster’s recombinant protein production services provide a cost-effective approach for generating high-quality proteins, either for research or use in the clinic. With a team of specialists who have years of experience in designing and optimising expression vectors for the client’s target protein. Boster recombinant expressions are custom protein production of required protein by players in the industry. Boster Bio performs over 3000 protein expressions every year for users. 

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