7 Key Tips For Buying The Best Stylish Basketball Shoes

It had to take something special for the Kenyan EliudKipchoge to break the 2-hour marathon barrier.

To many people, the secret for achieving this incredible feat was in the shoes Kipchoge wore. It is logical to dismiss these claims and argue that EliudKipchoge is a great athlete (and he is). Yet, there is something special about wearing a perfect shoe.

For example, stylish basketball shoes elevate your game both on and off the court.

So, how can you ensure that you’re getting the perfect basketball shoes?

Keep Reading to Learn the Seven BKey Tips for Buying the Best Stylish Basketball Shoes

1. Select The Right Shoe Size

8 out of 10 men wear the wrong shoe size. These men find a shoe that they feel it’s too perfect not to buy. The problem is that this shoe is either too big or too small and ends up causing them feet problems.

You may argue that athletes are professionals and understand the importance of the right shoe size. Yet, even professional basketball players make the mistake of choosing the wrong shoe size. To avoid this mistake, visit a nearby podiatrist to get professional help determining your feet size.

Besides, look for top basketball shoe brands such as T Mac shoes that come in a wide range of sizes. You want to make it easy and quick to find a pair of shoes that fits you perfectly.

2. Examine The Top Part Of The Shoe

To decide the perfect basketball shoes to purchase, you must examine the shoe’s upper portion. You want to compare the three available options to decide the ideal one. Here are these three shoe’s upper portions:

High Upper Part

When the shoe upper is high, it wraps around your ankle, enhancing stability and support. So, it’s hard for a high-upper basketball shoe to come off easily when running. The only downside of high-upper shoes is that they’re a little bit heavier than other alternatives.

Mid-Top Upper Basket Balls Shoes

If you’re shopping for flexible basketball shoes, then you should go for the ones with a mid-top upper. This shoe is designed to cover your ankle without enclosing it.

Low Upper Part

If you’re in the market for a lightweight basketball shoe, then choose a low-height one. Low-height shoes enhance your speed and agility when playing basketball. The only problem is that these shoes don’t offer ankle support.

Carefully review these basketball shoe options to decide the one to purchase. Your goal is to pick a shoe with an upper option that best suits your needs.

3. Review The Shoe’s Appearance

The other thing to check when shopping for epic shoes is the overall appearance. Check the designs and colors of various types of basketball shoes. You want to invest in an outstanding pair of shoes that complements your swag.

That’s why you should take time to visit various physical and online sneakers shops. You want to compare the range of shoes these stores have on sale. To ease your work pick a sneaker’s shop that delivers exceptional customer service.

You want to get professional help picking creatively designed and beautiful basketball shoes.

4. Take Into Account The Position You Play

The basketball position you play is the other key element to guide you to know the best shoes to buy. As a point guard, you need speed and agility, so go for low-upper basketball shoes. Whereas if you’re a forward, the ideal shoes to purchase are the high-upper ones.

These shoes give you ankle support and allow you to remain firm when pushed. It’s also smart you consult other basketball players on the ideal shoes to purchase depending on the position you play. You want to get professional advice that helps you make a smart shoe investment.

5. Examine The Shoe’s Upper Security

Many people find it challenging to decide whether to buy basketball shoes with laces, zippers, or straps. Some argue that laces are old school, and playing in style requires choosing shoes with zippers or straps. Yet, these people are wrong as laces help to secure the basketball shoes when playing.

Understand that it’s risky to play basketball with shoes that keep coming off. You risk getting injured, and these shoes undermine your play. That’s why the ideal basketball shoes are the ones with laces.

6. Carefully Examine The Shoe’s Outer Part

The other thing is to inspect the shoes’ sole and outer design. You want to check the shoe’s material to decide whether it fits for playing basketball. Go for basketball shoes with outsoles made of rubber or synthetic materials.

Also, prefer basketball shoes with a wide and flat outsole to give you balance, especially when running.

7. Check The Shoe’s Cost

Many people usually check the price first when shopping for stylish basketball shoes, which is a mistake. These people either go for lowly priced shoes to save money or spend exorbitantly on overhyped basketball shoes. Besides, the price will create biases that increase the odds of choosing the wrong shoes.

That’s why the basketball shoes should be the last thing you check. You want first to find different types of basketball shoes that meet the above things. So, it’s easy to find fairly priced basketball shoes that meet your needs with this selection.

Invest In A Perfect Shoe And Enhance Your Game

To take your basketball game to the next level, you need to invest in a perfect shoe. You want to find pair of basketball shoes that boost your agility and speed. So, carefully review the above things to ease your search for the best stylish basketball shoes.

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