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Top 10 Beauty Blenders – A Perfect Tool For Makeup

This blog explains that what a beauty blender is and how does it work. It containing all the types, description and examples. Find out the detail in the blog. And take advantage of it 

Makeup, makeup, makeup interesting?

Obviously, the makeup word is love not to hear but also what we love to do. Every girl likes to do makeup and look gorgeous. And the fact is that girls use an ample number of products to bring beauty to their face. They use different products like concealer, bb cream, foundations and many things more, and they use different kinds of stuff to apply these makeup products. One of them is Beauty Blender. Beauty Blender is a raindrop shaped sponge that is used to apply makeup.

Want to know what that beauty blender is?

A beauty blender is a raindrop-shaped sponge used for face makeup. The initial Beautyblender was pink, but it has since been extended to include bright, limited-edition colours (named “ Pop!) since pink is lovely, but orange is explosive.

The trick to using the Beauty Blender to apply makeup is to use a bouncing or contrast adjustment rather than brushing or brushing motion. The Beauty blender is a multi-purpose makeup sponge. 

If you’re anything like us, you use your Beauty blender daily and blend it into your whole makeup routine. However, there is much more to the Beauty Blender than meets the eye. There are best practices observing, as well as tips and tricks you could not have considered. Here’s what you need to know about using a Beauty blender to its complete capability.

How to Make Use of a Beauty Blender

The Beauty Blender is a multi-purpose makeup sponge that can be used for foundation, BB cream, concealer, and everything else you can think of. To get the best out of your Beauty blender, follow our three-step process: wet, pinch, and bounce.

Wet- Beauty Blender

Many people are shocked after knowing that the Beauty blender can be used when damp. Run it under the tap until thoroughly washed until each use. You’ll find that the size of your Beautyblender has nearly doubled. This is what is meant to happen! The blender’s unique water foam material extracts water more than the product, leaving much of it on your skin without becoming absorbed by the sponge.

Squeeze- Beauty Blender

When the Beautyblender is entirely saturated, squeeze it out. You want to apply your makeup with a soaked blend and then wipe out all extra water. After that, your Beautyblender should be the right size and damp to begin dipping into your item. You should be sure that you’re not a waste product because it’s bouncing off your sponge without being consumed by it. Then the Beauty blender is completely saturated; squeeze it out. You want to apply your makeup with a soaked blend and then wipe out all extra water. After that, your Beautyblender should be the right size and damp to begin dipping into your item. You should be sure that you’re not a waste product because it’s bouncing off your sponge without being consumed by it.

Bounce- Beauty Blender

Now comes the exciting part: the bounce. For a smooth finish, bounce powder or liquid foundation, bb cream, or concealer over your skin. We don’t recommend glancing the blender over your forehead. Swiping a Beautyblender over the face simply moves the cream around rather than properly laying it on. Bouncing has uniform, continuous coverage that is free of stains and lines. Bounce the sharp tip under the eyes and nose and the broader end on more extensive surfaces such as the cheeks, forehead, and chin.

Did it become dirty? Let’s clean it.

Cleaning your blender will not only make it last longer but will also help keep your skin clean. It’s better to wash your blender after each use to prevent dirt. There is so many cleansers are available in the market. This solution with high efficiency and help to make the product soft that you can use on your blender and regular basis. Simply wet the blender and work it into a gentle lather with the solution. Keep it Clean.

How to Use a Beauty blender In Your Routine?

We all like using our Beauty blenders to add makeup and concealer because it makes the product go on super smooth and silky. However, if you have one of our blender styles, you can use your blender for almost everything in your beauty routine.

This is an excellent product for use, initially laying down the perfect foundation that with crave. A beauty blender can use for almost any substance, liquid or powder. It’s also great for smattering on every setting powder for your all-day coverage.  Blusher is just a little smaller and is suitable for the highlights of your cheeks. It’s great for blending out cream blush and highlighting.

Types of the beauty blender:

1.     Beauty blender makeup sponge

2.     Wedge-shaped makeup sponge

3.     Pretty Puff makeup sponge

4.     Silicone makeup sponge

5.     Microfiber makeup sponge


Useful tip: The blender is recognized for its smooth, poreless finish. If you dislike the tacky feel of foundation on your fingertips, the beauty blender is an excellent applicator.

A bad one:  if you use a dry blender, It will consume a lot of your precious makeup. Although it is said to be able to, The sphere form does not cover each facial contour.

Perfect pro tip: The beauty blender can be used wet or dry, but the Pretty Pros consider using it damp to bounce and mix makeup into the face and dry for initial use.

Top 10 beauty blender

Product (Best Brands)

1. MAC All Blending Sponge

Extra soft long-lasting latex-free a perfect sponge for blending. Easy to use and the best sponge for a makeup artist. This is a perfect applicator that provides a smooth finish.

2. Colorbar Blend-Itude Makeup Sponge

This is extremely useful because it can conceal even the most difficult-to-reach parts on the face. Easy to wipe.

3. Kylie Make up Sponge Beauty Blender

It may be used for wet and dry products. It is appropriate for both beginners and advanced users. Non-latex plastic can be used with all forms of makeup. Simple to use and maintain.

4.  Store2508 Makeup Blender Puff Sponge

It is very fluffy, for adding and removing makeup. Collection of six distinct forms, Similar forms may be useful in a variety of makeup techniques. It spreads well, which improves performance, you can take them with you everywhere you go.

5. The Original Beauty Blender

Incredibly flexible When wet, it expands to twice its original height. Dense yet being lightweight. Provides an air-brushed appearance. The pointed end easily approaches difficult-to-reach places.

6. Nylea Silicone Makeup Sponge

The unique applicator provides a smooth finish without wasting valuable material. It spreads foundation, highlighter, concealer, and gloss flawlessly! And also easy to clean, this one is for everybody. you must give it a shot.

7. Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

You should give it a try because It gives you a very natural finish and Simple to use with a unique shape. Grab it easily because it is fairly priced.

8. Sephora Collection The Painter. Airbrush Sponge

Thoughtful packaging includes a mini booklet of “pro lesson tips.” Soft, slanted edges give you even coverage. Simple to use Free of latex.

9. The Makeup Bullet

Perfect blender for blending your foundation Comfortable in use make it suitable to blend out makeup easy to grab and use.

10. Hourglass Ambient Strobe Light Sculptor         

This sponge is not suitable for applying a liquid base. It’s great for loose powder and highlighter If you want a lot of highlighting, this is a fantastic option! The Hourglass is made of high-quality, anti-microbial content and is cruelty-free.

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