Valentine Day Week List 2022 – Which day is 7th-14th February day?

There are different festivals celebrated and numerous people all around the world. All festival that truly resembles love and is definitely celebrated by people very gracefully is valentine’s week. Other than just valentine’s day, the entire Valentine’s week ok is one of them as a period of time for all the people out there. They celebrate the whole day cherishing love. Love is definitely one of the biggest driving forces in the whole world. Globally this particular week is where people embrace their loved ones and appreciate their presence. This makes it very important for people to know the entire valentine day week list. This whole week starts from the 7th of February and goes down to the 14th of February. Every single day has discreet importance of its own.

Throughout the entire February days, valentine’s week is considered to be a very prime face for all the people in the whole world. It has been seen that valentine day week has a whole lot of energy. But knowing the history of valentine’s day week is also very important. Valentine’s day history is truly very embracing, and everyone should have an idea about why valentine’s day actual is celebrated.

The History of Valentine Week

The history of valentine’s day is truly very embracing. And it is originally to mark the importance of celebrating the existence of Saint valentine. The 14 February is originally the date that is celebrated as valentine’s day as a tribute to Saint valentine. The original story of Saint Valentine is associated with this Christian legend justice to all the martyred Rome soldiers. It also includes a relation to the story. This includes Saint valentine’s giving eyesight to the daughter of the jailor of that period.

Soon after that, valentine’s day also got start to be known as the lovers day or the feast of Saint valentine. This day was originally establish by Pope Gelasius I in AD 496 to honour Saint Valentine of Rome. So, the whole story of Saint valentines got associated with a romantic form of love in the early 15 and 16 centuries. And since then, this whole week in February has been considered as valentine’s week.

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Valentine’s Day List 2022

Cheers always start from the very first day of February in the highest hopes of valentine’s day. The whole valentine’s week is celebrate with great enthusiasm. And people embrace the Love by giving them gifts and appreciating their presence. Every single day has individual importance of its own, which resembles why it has to be celebrated. Thus, the valentine day list starts from the 7th of February. And goes down till the 14th of February in chronological order.

Which Day is 7th Feb to 14th Feb?

 1st Day of Valentine Rose DayMonday 7th February 2022
 2nd Day of Valentine Propose DayTuesday 8th Feb 2022
 3rd Day of Valentine Chocolate DayWednesday 9th Feb 2022
 4th Day of Valentine Teddy DayThursday 10th Feb 2022
 5th Day of Valentine Promise DayFriday 11th Feb 2022
 6th Day of Valentine Hug DaySaturday 12th Feb 2022
 7th Day of Valentine Kiss DaySunday 13th Feb 2022
 Valentine’s DayV. DayMonday 14th Feb 2022
valentine’s day list

7th February – Rose Day

The first day of the entire Valentine’s week is rose day which is celebrate on the 7th of February. This day resembles the starting of valentine’s week as people embrace Love by giving roses to their loved ones. Rose is the symbol of love, and what a better way to start the entire week than giving a rose to your loved one. Many people who tend to like a person but never had the opportunity to confess or express their feelings usually express it through a rose on this particular day. Many people usually have a very useful or complex in expressing their feelings to their loved ones. One of the biggest solutions these days is by giving Rose on a rose day as it does express a lot of things without anyone confessing anything. Valentine weekdays would always have an amazing start with rose day.

8th February – Propose Day

The next day which follows the rose day during valentine weekdays is the proposed day. What better day to follow Rose Day than the proposed day? Now, as the name suggests. This day is usually follow by people to express or confess their love to their loved ones. For people who already have a partner, this day is celebrate by them embracing the love. And also expressing their feelings to each other. Many people usually prefer going on a nice dinner or date on propose day where they express their feelings. And also have a peaceful time with their partner.

Now for people who tend to like someone, propose day is celebrate as a day well they confess their love. Among the entire valentine day list 2022, propose day is a day where people take a lot of courage and time to confess their love to their loved ones. Thus, they proposed the person of their dreams come together on a journey to have a beautiful life together.

9th February-  Chocolate Day

One of the most common gifts that people usually give to their loved ones is chocolate. Chocolate is another symbol of love. Valentine’s day list 2022 have the third day, which is celebrate as chocolate day on the 9th of February. This day is impress by people by giving chocolates to their loved ones. There are a wide variety of chocolates that are exclusively sold just on valentine’s week in order to add more charm.

10th February – Teddy Day

The fourth day of the week is celebrate as a teddy date. Among all the different types of gifts that a person can give the loved one. A teddy truly stands out to be a very popular choice. Teddy bears usually symbolise comfort and express love. For such situations, teddy day usually has great importance in such a wonderful week. So if you are thoroughly confuse about what gift should you buy for your loved one, get them a big teddy on teddy day a look at that smile getting a lot wider.

11th February – Promise Day

Promises are truly a great resemblance to love. With relationships, one thing which comes hand in hand is the promise of being together as well as sharing moments. It is impossible to celebrate valentine Weekday without promise day. People promise their loved ones of never-ending memories and adventures throughout their lifetime. Love is definitely a beautiful joining and having your partner all by yourself is a very beautiful feeling. People promised each other feeling of togetherness and being by each other through all the highs and lows.

12th February – Hug Day

One common question which I would definitely get to hear on 12 February is Aaj konsa day hai. There is confusion between the date of hug day and kiss day, as for which people usually have confusion as to which day is what. Hug day is definitely one of the favourites of all the people out there as they embrace their love in a warm hug. When a person hugs their loved one, your feelings of love and affection get generate through the warmth in the body. Huggies are definitely one of the biggest feelings of love as it brings together two bodies as well as two souls all together and bind them as one. Among all the days in February 2022, 12 February would definitely be a special world for all the lovers out there.

13th February – Kiss Day

The day before valentine’s day on valentine day week is the kiss day. The kiss day is celebrate by people as a remark of expressing love through a kiss. Many people would definitely agree that one of the biggest ways to symbolize love is through a kiss. Valentine weekdays is completely incomplete without the case day as it has a great resemblance not just with history but which celebration of love. People celebrate this day by kissing their partner to express their affection and love towards them. Other than that it also prepares people for special tomorrow day.

14th February – Valentine’s Day

Now coming to the biggest day in the whole valentine’s week is valentine’s day. This day is originally celebrate to mark the great work of Saint valentine. The modern meaning of valentine’s day is associate with expressing love and affection to their loved ones in the best possible way. People in today’s date have great resemblance with expressing love through gifts for taking their loved one on a date. On valentine’s day, people usually prefer going out with that partners from nice places and enjoying themselves in the best possible way. This day resembles celebrating love, and people do not hesitate in celebrating love by expressing their feelings to their loved ones. The valentines day date is definitely a great resemblance of love.

This is the complete list of valentine’s day week. People celebrate valentine’s day every year by treating their partner’s especially. Now there are specific ways which people shall follow in order to make their partners feel a lot more special in these days of love.

How to Make Your Partner Feel Special?

It is very important to make your partner feel special throughout valentine’s day week. But in case you have no plans, a person to definitely adapt to different things to make their partners feel special. Valentine’s day 2021 has been celebrate with great enthusiasm throughout the world, and the same is expect for valentine’s day 2022. It is very important to have effort put into that day by each and every person in order to make the partner. It might not have to do with buying expensive gifts every time but also minor things like cooking a loved one their favourite food, complimenting them, respecting them and their boundaries and a lot more. There are different ways to make your partner feel loved, and what a better way to make them feel it during the entire valentine’s day week.

This is the complete valentine day week list. This whole week is celebrate all around the world as a mark of love and affection. Understanding the importance of every single day of the week and celebrating it with their partner is definitely important for each and every person out there.

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