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Veet Wax Strips Review- Product Review and Tips

Today I’m progressing to review the Veet wax strips for you all. Well, all ladies face this drawback of removing unwanted hair from their bodies. There are several choices for removing unwanted hair like waxing, depilatory wax, razors, optical device treatment however the foremost simple is to use hair removing wax strips although I don’t like this over cream hair removal. in person, I keep every type of hair removal product with Maine in the least time. looking at matters, various things work totally different times. Well! The same is that the case with Veet Waxing Strips. thus these days I’m progressing to review one amongst these waxing strips and it’s Veet able to Use Wax Strips for traditional skin.

Hair removal is an associate degree integral part of each girl’s hygiene-and-beauty programme. Whether or not you’re the womanly girl or a missy, no one likes sporting hair apart from on the scalp and brows! And affirmative, we tend to all do struggle to stay up with the regular routine of hair removal, since except optical device, nothing very offers a long-run answer. Here we tend to associate with the review on these strips that are within the Indian marketplace for quite your time now!

About Veet Wax Strips:

Try the new Veet Easy Grip™ Ready-to-use wax strip and obtain lovely sleek skin in five simple steps within the comfort of your home! The new Easy Grip™ Tab makes the waxing method a lot of intuitive and less complicated. All you’ve got to try and do is simply ‘pull up’ with the simple grip tab and you get attractive sleek skin instantly! Isn’t it far more convenient than especially visiting a parlor for waxing? It takes solely many seconds to rub the wax strips between your hands to heat the wax, place it on your skin and pull it back on itself terribly quickly. every strip has been rigorously chosen to depart you feeling spoiled and prepared for any price


The packaging may be a easy coloured boxed kind, with every box containing 10×2 strips, a pair of wipes and one leaflet. it’s simple to hold too.

Ingredients: Mentioned below


Veet Ready-to-use Wax Strips are effective at family planning even 1.5mm short hair, effort you liberated to rise up to four week long lasting smoothness and instantly exfoliated skin, whenever you would like. And they’re really easy to use, any time: The ready-to-use pack provides you good waxing ends up in simply five simple steps and therefore the special EasyGrip™ tab helps you uproot hair in one simple move. Specially developed with oil and antioxidant. Veet provides additional care to suit Sensitive Skin.

My combat Veet Wax Strips:

For effective waxing, every strip must be warm by rubbing between the palms for many seconds before separating them. I unremarkably wish to heat the strips over a candle-flame: this fashion, the wax gets liquified higher, and that I feel the strip grips higher too {care must be taken to not take the strip too on the brink of flame since the paper or the wax might catch fire}. Then I simply place and stick the strip on the realm to be waxed, and pull it back. Honestly, I feel, these strips are best employed by those with fine hair, or between waxing sessions- after you undoubtedly would like wholly sleek skin however can’t wax once more nonetheless (but then I’d rather use a razor).

The finishing wipes that are {a part|a neighborhood|an area|a district|a region|a locality|a vicinity|a section} of the pack are too greasy to start with. However, helps soothe the skin and take away any traces of wax left on the skin simply.
I personally won’t add these strips to my regular waxing routine, but yes, if you prolong long/ regular journeys. These should be there in your bag for smoothening out the skin around 8-10 days when waxing

5 Steps to Use the Veet able to Use Wax Strips:

At first, wash & clean the realm to be waxed & then dab some bath powder to soak up wetness if any. Follow the mentioned steps one by one.

  • 1. Rub a Veet wax strip between the hands for concerning five seconds to heat the wax.
  • 2. Slowly peel the strips apart.
  • 3. Place a strip onto the shin & rub repeatedly within the direction of the hair grows.
  • 4. Then terribly quickly pull the strip back on itself opposite the direction on the hair growth.
  • 5. when finishing waxing, mop up with the veet good. End wipe on the market inside the pack to induce eliminate the wax.

Tips for Best Result:

  • For nice results, wash your skin with soap and water and pat dry completely before waxing.
  • Always pull back the wax strip against the direction of hair growth. Keeping the strip on the brink of the skin as you pull, rather than propulsion outward.
  • Be brave- the quicker you pull, the lot of hair you may take away.
  • Wax in a very consistent pattern to form certain you don’t miss any hairs.
  • You will re-use every strip till it loses its viscosity.
  • Most girls realize eight waxes strip enough for a try of full legs or a try of full arms, {2|two|a try of} for a pair of underarms. And one for the two-piece line.

Pros of Veet Wax Strips:

  • Easy to use strips for at-home usage- save time, and maintain privacy
  • Remove short hair simply
  • Comfortable to grip onto and pull
  • Does not irritate the skin
  • The finishing wipes help soothe. And clear skin of any remnants of wax (though could also be a bit too greasy)
  • Travel friendly (especially long trips).

Cons of Veet Wax Strips:

  • Not terribly effective for even slightly coarse hair (like on legs)
  • One pack doesn’t serve one arms-legs waxing cycle

Have you tried Veet Wax Strips? What’s your combat these? Do share within the comments below

Disclaimer: Product shared by complete. Honest, as always, review!

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