Vitamin E capsule

Vitamin E Capsule for Glowing Skin

Clear perfect glowing skin is dream of each girl; and believe me it is not therefore onerous. Dark spots/scars are very common on skin (sometimes because of acne and sometimes because of any accident ) but if takes care in right way. you can take away them in only some days of your time.

Today I will share one treatment that may do magic on your dark spots and that they will disappear from your skin like there have been non.

For this remedy you will want Vitamin E oil. This oil is expensive. I will suggest you to buy Evion 400 Capsule, pinch it and remove this oil.

For this treatment you will need
  • Evion 400 capsule
  • Glycerin
  • Rose water
Steps to do:
  • Take half tsp glycerin
  • Add half tsp rose water
  • In this add oil of vitamin E capsule
  • Mix it well and your treatment is ready to use
  • Apply this serum on your face and leave it nightlong
  • Wash your face next morning

If you are doing this in morning, Leave this serum on your skin for 1 hour at least.

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