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What Your Clothing Colours Say About Your Personality?

The Clothing you wear speak a lot about your Personality. Isn’t it pretty amazing! To be honest the outfit we don conveys a strong message to our peers and admirers. On a more profound level, it’s a reflection of our taste. The clothes you put on express your personality –be it sophisticated, ultra-modern, idiosyncratic. If you love donning bright and vibrant hues such as yellow, orange and red then your aura and personality is charming and you come off as affectionate and friendly individual. These hues bespeak confidence, positivity, and ease. If you love to dress up in green hue that means you are a nature enthusiast who is fond of nature, harmony, safety, and freshness. The colour green is youthful and energetic. One of the mainstream hues that depict loyalty, trust and confidence is none other than the colour blue. It is a calm and soothing colour. Opt for a sexy blue dress to woo your partner on a date night. The easy wrap women’s tunic tops says you are an easy-going and relaxed personality. Clothes have evolved from functional asset to statement maker.

You perhaps have heard that the first impression is the last. The same goes with clothing you wear. Yes, the people we interact with or meet forms a belief about us based on our appearances and attire. We can tell whether they are open-minded, carefree, and bold, risk-takers, confident, etc.

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Folks an array of surveys have unveiled the impact of clothing choices in which we perceive others and make our opinions about them. 

Browse through the infographic to learn more why your clothes are so revealing of your personality.

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  • Olufunke

    When they say first impression matters, most of the time it is usually your dressense. I always like my clothing to match the occasion. Love your blog.

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