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11+ Pro Tips On How To Reduce Oily Skin

When you’ve spent a day frolicking in the outdoors, you’ll definitely find that your skin is gleaming with oil, but not in the perfect, polished way. 11+ Pro Tips On How To Reduce Oily Skin

For some people, their skin is naturally extra oily – once in a few hours, they will have to keep wiping the oil with a tissue.

Irritating isn’t it? Surely, if you have oily skin you have wondered how to reduce oily skin. Well, there are several ways in which you can trick your skin into producing less oil.

But before exploring the remedies for oil-free skin, take a look at the culprits that cause oily skin.


Table Of Contents

  1. Oily Skin – Possible Causes
    1. Hormones
    2. Genetics
    3. Stress
    4. Age
    5. Environmental Conditions
    6. Skincare Gone Wrong
    7. Unhealthy Diet
  2. How to Reduce Oily Skin – Simple and Effective Remedies
    1. Wonderful Home Remedies For Oily Skin
    2. Skin Care Tips for Oily Skin – Things you Didn’t Know
  3. The Bottom Line

Oily Skin – Possible Causes

First of all, how many of us know about the sebaceous glands and their function?

Beneath our skin, there are several oil glands present. Known as sebaceous glands, they play a major role in the production of the well-needed sebum, the oil that keeps your skin moisturised and healthy. 11+ Pro Tips On How To Reduce Oily Skin

But for some people, the sebaceous glands work overtime and end up producing too much oil. When this oil mixes with dirt, acne happens.

Now, what causes the sebaceous gland to produce extra oil? Well, there may be a lot of reasons behind it.

1. Hormones

Have you ever wondered what hormone causes oily skin? Well, it seems that growth hormones and a few others like androgen are behind the overwork of oil glands.

Especially in adolescence, the growth hormones reach their peak levels. This is the time when most people start noticing oily skin and acne problems.

2. Genetics

Overactive sebaceous glands could be your parents’ gift to you. If someone in your close family has oily skin, then you might inherit it too.

3. Stress

Another range of hormones that cause oily skin – stress hormones. Stress causes a lot of health issues, ranging from hair fall to obesity. Now add oily skin and acne to that list. 11+ Pro Tips On How To Reduce Oily Skin

When you get stressed, stress hormones are produced in a higher quantity, which in turn triggers the sebaceous glands.


4. Age

In your younger years, you will have oily skin. Or that’s what research says. As you age, your skin will lose protein and produce less sebum – this automatically results in dry skin. So, if you are a teen who is reading this article, well; it’s your age and hormones causing your oily skin.

5. Environmental Conditions

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Living in hot and humid climate conditions? Well, there you have another reason for oily skin. While there isn’t much you can do about this, you can opt for products that support the heat and your skin to gain the most out of them.

6. Skincare Gone Wrong

Skincare is a line that should be tread on carefully. If you fall into either of the extremes, that is overdoing skin care or simply ignoring your skin overall, your skin might be in trouble.

Cleanse, moisturise, and protect – these are the three basic steps in any type of skincare routine. Other than this, you can add serums, exfoliators, toners, etc. as per your need.

But the main point is not to overdo your routine – applying too many products might not suit your skin, so watch out for the right number of products.

7. Unhealthy Diet

Simply put, too much intake of carbohydrates, sugars, and fried foods can increase the secretion of oil in your skin.

How To Reduce Oily Skin – Simple And Effective Remedies

Come to think of it, if you try to reduce stress or change your dietary choices, you can obtain comparatively less oily skin. If you have been wondering how to prevent oily skin, you’ll be surprised to know that it’s not that tough.

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to reduce oily skin – home remedies and skincare tips included!

1. Blotting Paper To Save The Day

Want to get rid of extra oil on the go? Then, make sure to have a bunch of blotting papers ready in hand.

They are extremely helpful in absorbing oil from your skin, so these papers come in very handy when you are spending a day outdoors.

2. Include More Fruits In Your Diet

Now that we know that specific food items can trigger a higher secretion of sebum, it is best to avoid them.

So what can you add more to your diet? Go for low glycemic foods, i.e., ones with lesser sugar content. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain cereals are some good options.

3. Ever Heard Of Konjac Sponges?

If you are keen on keeping your skin free of acne and pimples, then you have to make sure no dirt gets accumulated in your skin pores.

The best way to go about this is exfoliation and not the usual one. Konjac sponges, made from the roots of a vegetable, are great when it comes to clearing your pores.

Also, they are easily compostable, so these are absolutely environment-friendly!

4. Activated Charcoal Once A Week

A face mask always does magic to your skin, whatever may be the ingredients of it. An activated charcoal mask is a surprising yet effective option for people with oily skin.

While we are talking about how to prevent oily skin, activated charcoal definitely gets a mention, as it is an excellent cleansing agent. But as it is powerful, it is advised to use it only once or twice a week.

Wonderful Home Remedies For Oily Skin

5. Honey, Honey…

One of the most popular and useful home remedies for oily skin, honey is a natural antibacterial that keeps your skin free of infection.

Applying a thin layer of raw honey on your face and let it dry for a few minutes. Honey has the ability to moisten your skin, so when you wash it off, your skin will be free of oil, but it’ll still retain moisture.

6. Aloe Mask To Moisturise

Surely, you’ve heard this trick everywhere. Nothing wonderful like aloe vera when it comes to skincare, and it does magic for oily skin too!

As it plays a key role in healing wounds, aloe vera can help you if you are facing acne breakouts along with oily skin. Prepare a simple aloe mask and leave it overnight to observe the best results.

But in some people aloe might cause cold and unwanted chillness, so make sure to test it.

7. Jojoba Oil To Prevent Oil

Poison for poison, oil for oil. It’s the dirty kind of oil that’s causing harm to your skin, so using the right type of oil can tackle its negative effects.

Just use a few drops and massage it into your skin well. This works because your sebaceous glands lower their oil secretion when there is enough oil already on your skin.

8. Buttermilk For Smooth Skin

Naturally rich with lactic acid, buttermilk can do wonders for your skin. Just apply a coat of buttermilk to your skin and wash it off after a few minutes for oil-free glowing skin.

Skin Care Tips For Oily Skin – Things You Didn’t Know

9. Non-Comedogenic Products Help

While in general it is understood that skincare products add oil to your skin, you can always opt for non-comedogenic products – moisturisers, sunscreen – for better results.

These formulae do not clog your pores, but they still keep your skin well moisturised and nourished.

10. Niacinamide And Retinoids For An Oil-Free Skin

Niacinamide is proven to reduce sebum production whereas retinoids are effective in clearing pores and getting rid of unwanted dirt from your skin. Quite a powerful combination, isn’t it?

11. Avoid Talc, Go For Setting Powders

Water-based skincare products are the go-to choice for people with oily skin – oil-based makeup and skincare products simply end up clogging pores.

Also, setting powders that are devoid of talc will calm your skin and help in an oil-free look.

12. Go For Toners With Zero Alcohol

Toners are great for oily skin as it balances pH and takes care of pore problems. But alcohol is an excessive drying agent, which means all the moisture will be gone from your skin, triggering the sebaceous glands.

Go for hydrating toners – they will finely balance the moisture in your skin wile reducing the secretion of sebum.

The Bottom Line

Tips and tricks on how to reduce oily skin will help you only when you are ready to make a few changes to your lifestyle, like getting rid of oily foods and too much alcohol.

Try these skincare tips for oily skin and let us know how effective you found them!

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