Best 5 Moisturizer For Oily Skin In India

All the products of skin moisturising do the great job in their respective work. No any harmful chemicals occur so skin glows naturally. Recommended by beautician.



“Many of those with oily skin do not realize that they still need to moisturize for oily skin to help with the overall health, texture, and appearance of their skin,” says board-certified dermatologist Dr. Shari Marchbein. “Not to mention that many moisturizers contain sunscreen, antioxidants, and anti-pollutants for an extra-protective barrier. For oily skin, and especially those who are acne-prone, it’s important to look for moisturizers labelled as oil-free or non-comedogenic.” The bottom line: You need to use a moisturizer regularly, no matter your skin type. The nuance lies in finding the right formula for you, particularly if you have an oily complexion.

Here are the Best 5 Moisturizer for Oily Skin in India-

1. Biotique Morning Nectar Flawless Skin moisturizer for All Skin Types, 190ml

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Biotique Morning Nectar Flawless Skin Moisturizer is a marvellous product that provides shine, bright & flawless skin. This moisturizer contains natural ingredients like blends with pure honey, wheat-gram & sea-weed with Ayurvedic formula, so made with total pure. It contains botanical extracts for lightening the skin tone, reducing the lines & also replenishing the skin. Biotique Morning Nectar Flawless Skin Moisturizer works deeply into the skin for replacing the natural oil and replenishes the lost moisture to maintain a flawless complexion. This moisturizer is good for both men & women. It is good for all seasons.


2. POND’S Super Light Gel Face Moisturiser with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E, 147 g

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Pond’s Super Light Gel Face Moisturizer is a wonderful product that provides a non-sticky glow for an all-day-long moisturizer. No harmful chemicals occur, so made safe. This moisturizer comes with natural ingredients like hyaluronic acid & vitamin E. It provides the water with fresh moisturization with non-sticky gel. This moisturizer contains a lightweight formula for all seasons. This moisturizer uses before makeup as a base and stone in the fridge.
How to apply- do scoop, dab & massage, so the skin becomes glowing & smooth.

3. POND’S Light Moisturiser, Non- Oily With Vitamin E And Glycerine, For Soft And Glowing Skin, 150 ml

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Ponds Light moisturizer is a wonderful product that provides a non-oily fresh glow. It contains natural ingredients like glycerine with vitamin E so total care of skin. No harmful chemicals occur so made safe. This moisturizer has so many benefits like all-season skincare, face & body care, lightweight non-oily formula, and all-day-long moisture lock. All-season skincare makes the skin oil-free & moisture all year round. Face & body care due to enriched with natural ingredients like vitamin E, etc. so nourishes the whole body. Lightweight non-oily formula due to water-based formula. All-day long moisture lock makes the skin soft and glowing. It is good for all seasons.
How to use- dot the cream across the face, gently massage over the face and likewise massage on the whole body so the skin becomes healthy and enriched with total nourishment.

4. Plum Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer for Daily Use | For Oily, Acne-Prone Skin | Lightweight, Matte Formula | 50ml

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Plum Green Tea Mattifying Moisturizer is an amazing product that provides a lightweight mattifying look. This moisturizer contains the natural ingredients green tea & glycolic acid, etc. Green tea extract is an antioxidant that keeps skin healthy. Glycolic acid exfoliates the dead skin cells. No harmful chemicals occur like silicon, SLS, parabens, phthalates & all nasties, etc. So skin becomes oil & acne-free.
How to use- the first one cleanses your face, takes a small amount onto fingers & finally massage evenly on the face and neck.

5. Neutrogena Oil-Free Face Moisture SPF 15 For Normal To Oily Skin, 115ml

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Neutrogena Oil-Free Face Moisturizer is a wonderful product that provides long-lasting sun protection to the skin. This moisturizer contains natural Ingredients, so total care. No harmful chemicals occur like dyes, alcohol-free & oil-free, so made safe. It has total sun protection i.e. UV SPF 15 sunscreen. This moisturizer contains other properties like lightweight & non-greasy formula skin moisturized and absorbs quickly into the skin. It also contains no fragrance, non-comedogenic, so this moisturizer doesn’t clog the pores that can cause the skin to break out. It is tested dermatologically.
How to use- Apply all over the face & neck for the best result. Use daily alone or under makeup.


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