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Himalaya Moisturizing Aloe Vera Facial Wipes Review

Himalaya’s Moisturizing Aloe Vera Facial Wipes are comfortable and non-alcoholic with steady components that straight away cleanse and refresh the surface whilst serving to deal with pores and skin moisture. Packed with the goodness of Aloe Vera and Fig, our Aloe Vera wipes supply lasting moisture to the surface, and in addition assist comfortably take away make up.


  • Gently cleanses and hydrates the surface
  • Helps deal with the surface’s moisture stability
  • Instantly refreshes and soothes the surface
  • Removes make up and water-resistant mascara
  • Free from alcohol Ideal for standard to dry pores and skin
  • Our wipes are dermatologically examined, appropriate for all pores and skin varieties and loose from parables, synthetic color and alcohol.

Key Ingredients:

Aloe Vera, identified for its many skincare advantages, is wealthy in polysaccharides that is helping hydrate and melt pores and skin.
Fig, identified for its antioxidant and pores and skin conditioning houses, is helping make the surface really feel comfortable and supple.

How to Use:

Pull out a wipe and use it to softly cleanse the face, neck, and eye house. Carefully reseal bag after use with the self-adhesive label to forestall the wipes from drying out.

My Experience with Himalaya Moisturizing Aloe Vera Facial Wipes:


Himalaya moisturizing aloe Vera facial wipes is available in a small, compact and really elementary plastic package deal. On the highest of the package deal, it has self-adhesive label that reseals the bag after each and every utilization. The label seals completely and does now not let the wipe dry out. Moreover, the label additionally comes sealed to forestall it from any more or less tampering. The wipes pack is to be had in two dimension variants; 10 wipes and 25 wipes. Both the variants have identical packaging. Overall, the packaging is elementary, purposeful and travel-friendly.

Texture and Fragrance:

These aloe Vera facial wipes have very comfortable and velvety texture. It feels so clean and comfortable over the surface and does now not aggravate the surface. These wipes are wet sufficient which makes them drift over the surface easily. The wipes are white in color and has gentle, refreshing perfume. The duration of those wipes is excellent sufficient and virtually covers my spherical face.


When coming to utilization, I most often use the facial wipes to take away grime and impurities from the surface. I hardly ever use them as make-up remover. However, on lazy days and all the way through travelling, those wipes are my savior. These wipes cleanse the surface completely and make it loose from grime and dirt straight away, offering soothing impact to it. An unmarried wipe is sufficient for making pores and skin tremendous blank. The gentle perfume freshens up the surface and straight away lifts up the temper. The method of those wipes is moisturizing that leaves pores and skin comfortable and clean after wiping out. The wipe does now not depart any residue at the back of and does now not make the surface glance greasy in any respect.

When coming to declare of disposing of make-up, it’s true. These wipes are efficient in disposing of make-up, however takes some time so as to take action. When I put on long-wearing make-up, at the moment I want 2-Three wipes to make the surface make-up loose. Other than that, the times once I put on standard make-up, only one or 2 wipes is enough. It successfully gets rid of each and every more or less make-up, however takes time to take away long-wearing and water-proof make-up utterly.

When coming to declare of disposing of water-proof Lipstick, it does so. However, in an effort to take away water-proof Lipstick, it takes a couple of swipes. In the method, the wipes doesn’t aggravate the eyes. The wipes are truly mild in true sense. Moreover, those wipes are alcohol-free and dermatologically examined.

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