Cetaphil Bright Healthy Reveal Creamy Cleanser, 100gm

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⦁ Cetaphil Bright Healthy Reveal Creamy Cleanser is a wonderful product that cleanses away the impurities in the best manner and provides a radiant glow to the skin.
⦁ No harmful chemicals occur, so made safe.
⦁ This product is developed dermatologically and worldwide tested.
⦁ Fragrance free & hypoallergic.


Cetaphil Bright Healthy Reveal Creamy Cleanser is a marvelous product that cleanses away impurities. And provides a radiant illuminated glow to the skin. This product contains natural ingredients like sea daffodil, niacinamide & other vitamins, etc. Daffodil is a natural plant that reduces dark spots and provides an even tone to the skin. Niacinamide is vitamin B3 that helps to lighten the dark spots and reduces inflammation & redness. And another gentle bright technology enhances the glow. No harmful chemicals occur so 100% safe.  Cetaphil Cleanser develops dermatologically and is tested worldwide. creamy, fragrance-free & hypoallergic.
How to use- use fingertips, massage good amount of quantity on face & neck in an upper circular motion. And other focusing areas brow & jawline etc. For the best result use daily twice a day or once a day in the morning. So skin hydration becomes long-lasting, gentle & effective.



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