The Most Wonderful Silk Sarees For Weddings You Must-Have In Your Trousseau!

Silk is a natural protein fiber obtained from worms that can be woven into textiles. The silk here is known as Resham in Northern India and pattu in the South. As per reports, India is the second-largest producer of silk after China. Silk sarees online in India.

About 97% of raw Mulberry Silk comes mainly from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Jammu and Kashmir, Tamil Nadu, Bihar, and West Bengal. These states first contributed to the Silk Industrial units in India.

This vast past of the Indian Silk cultivation helped the increment of the silk sarees online in India. The Silk sarees are known here for their incomparable designs and varieties. It’s been the core tradition of women’s wear here; many ancient queens liked to wear these clothes and appreciated the quality too. Even in the modern generation, they are enjoyed by all the women and girls too. Everyone wants to buy silk sarees for weddingsand keep one in their wardrobes as it always looked so elegant and beautiful on them.

Choose From A Wide Range Of Wonderful Silk Sarees For Weddings In India And Add A Unique Touch To Your Bridal Outfit

The sarees made of silk evoke the feeling of gratitude and richness in the Indian culture directly into our minds. Being the first and foremost choice by women, many types of silks are made from pure silks in India. 

The places in which they are made make them unique and beautiful in their ways, explaining the rich diversity of the massive country. With all the different specifications and ranges, here are the most appreciated latest silk sarees you would love to keep in your closet. 

Banarasi Silk Saree

Banarasi silk saree is a variant of the silk sarees online in India that are made from the city of Varanasi. These silks are made with fine texture and are distributed all over India. Moreover, the demand for this silk worldwide is crazy! Not only in India, but these silks are also liked and brought by many tourists who visit India.

These silk sarees are lightweight and can be used for any occasion, whether they are conducted in daylight or at night. The type of saree you want to keep in your collection has always been in demand and added class to the modern Indian women dressing.

The drapes mark its precision, perfection, and passion; these silks are woven with great artistry. The motifs behind making this type of silk saree are to regrow and celebrate the Indian culture and provide the taste of the ancient style of dressing of the women across the Indian subcontinent.

Kanjivaram Silk Saree

This type of silk sarees is woven from pure mulberry silk, where the silk is provided from the Southern part of India, and the gold and silver Zari comes from Gujarat. These silk threads are then interlocked with the thin silver linings, and after it, they are locked by the gold strings provided.

The combination of these materials and the durability of the clothes make this saree a world-famous product. The latest silk sareesof Kanjivaram are handcrafted and were added to the exclusive collection containing the artworks of temple and sculpture references can be seen in this beautiful piece of clothing.

The borders of this saree with profound design and captivating design hold their place in the heart of Indian women. With time, these works have gone only better and still improving and emerging, especially in South India along with the modern forms of Silk clothing.

Raw Silk Saree 

Raw silk saree makes use of the substance called Sericin which is somewhat sticky, which makes the fabric a little different from other silk sarees; the weight of this saree is also less compared to Kanjivaram and Banarasi silks.

They come in many varieties based on their color, texture, and design, setting the price accordingly. The range price of raw silk saree can be from Rs 400-4000; the reason for this colossal range depends on the quality of the raw silk used and the color pattern it follows during its making.

Being an epitome of casual elegance, the natural color includes beige; honey is the most common raw silk saree you can find. The unique thermal properties keep the wearer warm in winter and little light in summer.

Mysore Silk Saree

The distinctive feature of this type of silk saree is the use of pure gold Zari in the making and the use of genuine silk. Since exclusive manufacturers make these sarees, the long-lasting fabric quality in each of its pieces has an authentic mark.

The city of Mysore is the birthplace of the silk saree of these genres, where the factories have taken up the acres of the land to complete the works. The primary source of silk is provided from Ramanagra, a district in Karnataka.

The soft texture, as a result, is a must-have thing that has to be present in every woman’s wardrobe. The fortunes of royal patronage and the vibrant colors can be seen in every fabric, which goes pretty well with the gold jewelry pieces.

Patola Silk Saree

The technique used in making the Patola silk saree is unique as both sides of the saree look the same and are pretty popular for their vibrant color and geometrical motifs provided with it.

These sarees are woven and made in Patan, Gujarat. With the exciting weaving patterns, the Ikat forms the base of the drapes as it holds pretty good with any design. It has also been said that the color of the Patola Silk saree will never fade, making it a reliable choice in many functions for an extended period.

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These sarees are meant to make you look different and gorgeous at weddings. Therefore, all the women prefer silk sarees as the colors these sarees provide, and the varieties look astonishing and go very well with your overall look.

In the events like this, silk sarees online in India are blindly preferred and purchased for the whole family. Both younger and elder ones of the family liked this article of clothing. Although, these big purchases could take up your time and money too. 

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Last Words

So, if you are interested in getting one of these precious silk fabrics for your own, visit and buy silk sarees. Also, for the bridal collection, you can get many varieties in the silk category, along with it, you can get many discounts and offers if you are purchasing in the season sale. During this coming wedding season, you can banarasi silk sarees online with pricedue to its vast range of varieties and color combinations which will be worth your time to give a shot at!

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