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What Are The Benefits of Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening aims to make the tooth color whiter and brighter by applying a whitening agent to the surface of the tooth and decomposing the coloring substances that have entered the enamel. There are three types: office whitening performed at the dental clinic, home whitening performed at home, and dual whitening that combines both.

When performed at a dental clinic, light irradiation is performed to activate the drug. In the past, it took a long time to irradiate and the burden on the patient was heavy, but recently it has become possible to irradiate efficiently with a compact light irradiator, shortening the time and reducing the stress on the patient. .There is also a simple irradiator that can be used for home whitening, making whitening easier.

What Are The Benefits Of Whitening?

Teeth whitening Wholesale provide biggest merit is the appearance. The impression of your face will change, and some people may feel more confident in their mouth. In addition, whitening at the dental clinic is performed after the dentist examines the oral cavity, treats tooth decay and gingival inflammation, and prepares the environment in the mouth by removing tartar and cleaning the tooth surface, so it is a health aspect. The benefits will also be great. In addition, many people are enthusiastic about brushing and maintaining their teeth to keep their mouth clean after the treatment, which may result in maintaining the health of the teeth and oral cavity. I think that raising awareness of oral health is also an advantage of whitening.

Determine The Goal You Aim For With Careful Counseling:

The dentist listens to the patient’s stories, such as problems with tooth color, and then explains whitening in detail. After obtaining the consent of the treatment, use the shade guide (tooth color sample) to check the current tooth color and the desired whiteness tone, and determine the target tooth whiteness.

Check And Clean Oral Problems:

Get an intraoral examination. The dentist carefully checks the condition of cavities, gingival inflammation, demyelinated teeth, and anterior teeth with fillings and coverings. If necessary, treat first. The prosthesis may be replaced according to the whiteness of the desired tooth. Before whitening, a dental hygienist removes tartar and cleans the tooth surface.

Receive Whitening Using A Light Irradiator:

The whitening agent is carefully applied to the tooth surface. Next, a special opening device is attached to the mouth, a light irradiator is set, and light irradiation is performed for about 6 minutes. Repeat this process 3 times. The light irradiator weighs about 100 grams and can irradiate even if you move your head.

Check The Treatment Status And Make A Future Plan:

Confirm after the procedure and make a future plan. It seems that whitening often goes back a little, and the hospital recommends that you take a second whitening a week later. By receiving the second whitening without too much space, it will help prevent backtracking.

Maintain Appearance And Health Through Regular Inspections And Maintenance:

After undergoing whitening, undergo regular checkups and maintenance about once every four months. The prospect of one year after six months in the hospital, that there are many people who receive the next whitening.Since our whitening uses a light irradiator that is worn on the mouth, the position will not shift even if the patient’s head moves, and you will be able to relax and receive treatment.

It is efficient because it irradiates in close proximity, and it also has the advantage of treatment time. Therefore, the number of men and elderly patients who want to receive whitening casually is increasing. From my experience of visiting medical care, I have realized that the mouth is the entrance to the body and that the health of the teeth and oral cavity has a great effect on the health of the whole body. We hope that whitening will not only improve your appearance but also improve your health consciousness by making your teeth white and clean. Use tooth whitening to protect the beauty and health of your mouth.

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