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Trending Boots Worth Owning In 2022

You can never own too many boots. But before you think of refreshing your wardrobe for this winter season’s footwear collection, like trying to find the best online casino, it’s important that you’re aware of what’s trending boots these days.

If you’ve been at this for some time, you’ll already know that boots have many classic silhouettes that continue to stand the test of time. So, for a thorough guide on the types of boots that you definitely need to have to pair with this season’s fashion collection, you don’t want to miss out on what we have to offer.

Boots Worth Owning

Boots always remain classics simply because of their shape and overall style. So, regardless of the makeovers they may undergo in terms of color and texture, boots will always remain a must-have. So, here’s a digestible list that we’ve put together on which ones you should own.

Platform Boots

If you’re looking to add some inches to your outfit, then platform boots will certainly do the trick. Adored in the 80s and 90s, the trendy silhouette is making waves in today’s fashion, so finding an ideal pair shouldn’t be a problem. From chunky options to platform Trending boots that feature a more subtle look to them, you can customize your look to suit your style.

Platform trending boots do well in replacing an uncomfortable pair of heels so it won’t be surprising to find these roaming the streets at the end of every evening. Since they’re back in fashion, you’ll certainly find them to be quite popular and available in every color under the sun.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are characterize by their different heel heights and toe shapes; however, their most distinctive feature has to be the black elastic side panels that make them an all-time classic.

Often found with a tab on the back, they’re easy to pull on and off making them a highly convenient option. They remain trendy even to this day, so if you’re a man or woman looking for a timeless wardrobe staple piece, Chelsea boots are the way to go.

Combat Boots

Combat boots were initially designed to cater to soldiers in combat. While many members of the military still wear these today, you find civilians like yourself looking to wear these for fashion and not necessarily function.

Fashionable combat boots keep to their original army elements where you have the chunky sole, a high collar, rounded toecap, and laces. But with more designs that are proving to be flexible, you can find these in various textures like smooth leather or faux croc. They also come in different colors.

WaterProof Boots

When we talk about a functional boot, we’re definitely referring to waterproof boots. Whether you’re weaning these in the snow or rain, they’re perfect for those winter and rainy storms. Waterproof footwear has certainly come a long way in terms of designs that have turned them into something stylish.

So, you no longer need to worry about wearing an unattractive pair of rain boots just to keep your feet dry.

High-Thigh Boots

During winter seasons, the last thing you want is to leave parts of your skin exposed simply because you’re wearing a pair of ankle boots. With high-thigh boots, your legs are all covered up while maintaining a classic style feature that fits your legs and hits mid-thigh leaving no room for awkward bumps and ripples.

You can wear these with tights, dresses, jeans, skirts, and other items that you’d see on blogs and celebrities.

Stiletto Heel Boots

Stiletto boots will never grow old despite kitten heel staples making a comeback in recent seasons. Skinny heels can be found on any shoe style whether it’s the Chelsea boot or high-thigh boot but these always go well with tailored pieces.

So, when it comes to stiletto heels, these are always a great alternative to pumps that you’d wear at the office for the cooler seasons. Here, you’ll be able to retain the confidence you get from wearing a normal heel.

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