Friendship Day

“The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.” — Elisabeth Foley

1. Introduction

Life becomes vague without a friend. From childhood to old age, we, the human being can’t linger without a friendship.Though it’s an unfair concept that two-person of similar age can be their friend. Friend means companion, so it can occur at every age and every denomination. Likewise, our first and foremost friend is our parents. Because they retain exactly with us at our young age as well as old age. They become our great support throughout our entire life. From happiness to sorrow, we can have these friends forever. On the other hand, trees are also our friends.So that there is no bound to be a friend. A friend is such an important person whom we can get at every moment of our life.

The friend will be your classmates. The friend may be your batch mate, maybe your colleague, maybe your life partner, maybe grandparents or parents. Even a teacher can be your friend also. Friendship is a strong bond between two souls. It is the symbol of virtue. Though there is a variety of friends. Some are ordinary friends, appear in your life to just entertain you. Some are friends of your social media platforms only.

But among them, some are so special who can stay at the end of your life. And they are the try friends.So that every year in the name of this lovable bond for friends are celebrated. In this article, we are going to provide you some lovely aspects of ‘happy friendship day.

2. What Is Friendship Day?

Friends are sometimes like the more than family. Whatever you have in your heart and mind. You can share with that person. You can share joy, grief, sympathy, allegiance, decision, and also the most confidentialthing that you can’t share with any other.Though friends are connected to our day-to-day life. But there is a particular day in the entire year whichwe celebrate for the sake of friendship. That day is called Friendship Day. The day becomes so popular through online social media sites.

In India, the first Sunday of August is celebrated as Indian Friendship Day. By exchanging chocolate, flowers, gifts a friend wishes the other friend ‘happy friendship day. And the most innovative thing is the friendship band. It is the most popular gift nowadays on friendship day.

Let’s know when isfriendship day celebrated in several countries.

  • In India, friendship day is remarkable on the very first Sunday of August.
  • In Argentina, the friendship day is on 20 of July.
  • In Bolivia, the friendship day is on the 23 of July.
  • In Brazil, the friendship day is on 20th January.
  • In Finland, friendship day is celebrated on 14th February.
  • In Mexico, the friendship day is the 14 of July.
  • In Pakistan, the friendship day is19th July.
  • In Spain, friendship day iscelebrated on 30th July.
  • In South Africa, the friendship day date is 16th April.
  • In the United States, the friendship day date is similar to friendship day in India. It’s the first Sunday of August.

3. History Of Friendship Day

Joyce Hall one of the most well-known faces through his brand Hallmark Cards Inc. In 1930, he first invented the idea of friendship day. It’s claimed that to raise the variety, popularity, and sale of greeting cards the day was invented. Though the invention became failed to fulfill the rage among people at the time. In the 1940s, a few friendship day cards were started to available in the market. From that time, it was planned to sketch as a holiday. However, it could not reach every common folk of society. Gradually, social media worked like a boomerang to spread that holy day among every people. The youngers love to share images, quotes, pictures of friendship day with their friends.

Dr. Ramon Artemio Bracho in the year 1958, went for dinner with his friends on 20th July. And during the dinner, he fetched the idea of World Friendship Day. And the most interesting fact was that the group of his friends also formulated World Friendship Crusade. It’s an excellent foundation that stimulated true friendship among the people of every class, color, and region. 

So in this way, the happy friendship day started to celebrate at every nook and cranny.

4. Friendship Band’s Meaning, Origin, And Colorwise Significant


Friendship bracelets propose to move on first in Central American times, whereas a number of the ornamental knots undertook as bracelets are seen first to Ancient China, mostly around 481-221 B.C. within the Nineteen Eighties, the bracelets shot back to the spotlight once matching bracelets became a factor within the U.S. and therefore the world. They were famous for the uprisings on the peasants in the Republic of Guatemala and Mayan Indian disappearances. cash gotten from the sale of the bracelets was accustomed to facilitate the families of the missing folks. Non-secular teams WHO used them in political rallies later gave rise to the bracelets into the U.S.


Friendship bands were fairly often chosen as a present from one friend to a different, signifying endless company. The ritual mandates that the friend giving the band ought to tie the bracelet on the receiver whereas the accepting friend makes a would like. The band isn’t to be removed till they generally wear out and fall off, and also the wearers would like are going to be granted.Scientifically asserted that friendship is related to physical and cognitive health. In the renowned paper, Harvard once declared that true friendship always stimulates the healthy state of our brain. Even the friendship also is effective for our psychological upbringing and to retain the promisingrelationship within your family. Relating to this, friendship bands signify the bond and love between two friendly souls. In the market, there available multiple colored friend bands and they have multiple meanings.


White-colored friendship band is for the specific friend who is calm, innocent, and peace-loving.


Pink is the color of affection. So to confess ‘thank you’ in friendship dayto your friend who takes care of you so much and extensively understanding. You can gift that friend a pink friendship band.


Yellow is so bright color. So this colored band is for those friends who are very charming and bubbly.


Some so many friends are very considerate and have sympathetic hearts. For those, the purple band is suitable.


Green is the color of trust and eternity. There may be some special friends in your life who are loyal to you ever. Even you may feel relaxed to share your secret. So the green band is perfect.


Red is the celebrated color of love. So the red band is for those who are dearer and nearer to you. There may be your favorite one whom you love more than others. So you can gift them the red colored band.

Not only colors but there are also numerous designs are available in friendship bands. Some bands are made of leather. They are a little costly. Some are created with thin nylon material. Some bands are prepared with heavy metals. And some are found in rubber. The rubber friendship bands are cheaper and easily accessible in the shops. So that the teenagers prefer the rubber friendship bands the most. Cards, flowers, keyrings, chocolates, bands are the ideal gifts for friendship day.

5. Some Interesting Facts About Friendship Day

Celebrating friendship day is not an imperial incident of our life. But it’s a way of showing gratitude and love towards our friends. Some sweet interesting facts lie behind the friendship day.

  • The person who conveys little gifts like friendship can’t, flowers or cards to celebrate the day. It expresses the sweet and loveable gesture towards a true bonding of friendship.
  • On the 10th anniversary of International Friendship Day, in 1967, The Beatles released a charming song, “With a Little Friend From My Friend”.
  • In the year of 1999, the National Women Friendship Day was inaugurated by Tennessee, Memphis, and The Kappa Delta Sorority. The third Sunday of September is conserved for the celebration of this women’s friendship day.
  • A survey has declared that friendship can eliminate the stress of someone’s life. So if a person heartily celebrates friendship dayby realizing the true meaning of friendship, can be always free from any kind of stress, tension, and disease.

6. Some Quotes Of Friendship Day

Words are the sharpest weapon of human beings. The words can melt someone. Even it can make furious someone too. So on the holy day forfriends, delivering some sweet words is very mesmerizing. The quotes may be like these-

  • A friend is a pillar of an entity. And I have a friend like you in my life. Happy Friendship Day to you.
  • My Dear Friend,

We have spent so many remarkable memories together. And my wish to spend more and more memories in future too. So be friends always forever.

  • A friend is a light who shines ever bright

A friend is a moon in the darkest night

A friend is a guide to everydaring plight

And you are friend the witness of my fight.

Happy Friendship Day.

  • Today is the day only for you. I am eagerly waiting for this day to wish you a very happy friendship day my dearest friend.

7. Conclusion

True friends are like the stress despoiler of our life. But various friends can destroy our peace too. So you have to choose your friends carefully. And celebrate the friendship day cheerfully.

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