The Best Foundation Under 100

Women love to look their absolute best. Makeup is a very important part of the life of most of the ladies out there. Makeup helps women look a lot better, and it provides them with the desired look they want to go for on a specific day. There are different makeup accessories, but one of the most common and popular makeup items is a foundation. A foundation is originally a facial cream that provides the person’s face with a specific colour tone. But sometimes, people get pretty cautious about the money they spend after foundation, and the category for Foundation Under 100 is very popular.

The Best Foundation Under 100

1. Elle 18 Lasting Glow Foundation – 01 Pearl

One of the most popular brands which are very well known for its good quality product is Elle 18. The Elle 18 lasting glow foundation is considered to be the best liquid foundation under 100. So, this foundation is in used by several people all around the country and appreciate the functionality and quality of this product. The bottle consists of 27 ml of high gloss finish foundation. The quality of the foundation is truly top-notch, for which it is consider suitable for almost every skin type. Thus, the tone of this highlighter is a Paul finish, which provides a very beautiful touch to the person. So, the product has an MRP of rupees hundred, which a person can purchase from the website or any dealer with Elle 18 products.

2. Plethora Face And Body Foundation

Finding foundation price under 100 can be a difficult task as skin is a very sensitive part of our body as a person should be very cautious about what products the use of the skin. Thus, the plethora face and body foundation is one of the best foundations a person can find under the budget of hundred rupees. This product is one of the best foundations in this price segment.

The product consists of 120 ml of foundation in the bottle. Except for the country, what surprises the customers the most for this price point is that the product is a combo, and there is a beauty blender that comes along with it. So, he product is in list for rupees 89. for which a person gets a complete combo of a foundation and a beauty blender which is truly spectacular. Thus, Except for the quality, the product provides a top-notch finish allowing the person to look amazing.

3. Lakme 9to5 Bronze SPF 30 Complexion Care Cream 03

Lakme with definitely one of the most reliable brands in the whole world of makeup in today’s date. Finding the right Lakme foundation price under 100 can be difficult as this product is consider an expensive brand because of the quality. The product is in use by several people worldwide as it is consider to be a foundation. This provides the best bronze touch shade. So, The quality of the Lakme foundation is unquestionable, and it is one of the highest-rated foundations among the whole category. Lakme foundation under 100 is difficult to find, but this product is a go-to product.

4. VI-JOHN Makeup Foundation Roll-On For Women

Foundation stick under 100 can be very difficult to find under this particular price range. A person can find liquid foundations but finding a stick Foundation can be difficult. Stick Foundation is considere to be highly effective and provides a better finish to its users. Vi John is a very popular brand in the whole category of makeup, and this product is the one a person should go for. The stick Foundation provides a golden finish to the face of the person. Foundation for oily skin under 100 in this category can be a plus factor as people with oily skin do not have many options. The stick foundation consists of 60 grams of content inside the bottle, which is very suitable for the price range it comes in the market. 

5. Ponds White Beauty BB+ 01 Original Cream, 9 gm

A very popular brand in the whole world of makeup is false, which is consider to be reliable by most of the people out there. Ponds white powder is one of the most functional cream foundation supports. And is confined within hundred rupees in today’s date. Finding a Foundation from a good brand and of a higher quality under hundred rupees can be very difficult. Still, this product can be a very useful product. The product provides a beautiful light finish to the face, which provides a fantastic touch to the person’s whole look. Except for that, this product is especially suitable for all the differences in time. So any sensitive skin for oily skin could use this product being carefree. This is one of the best foundations under 100 rs.

6. Blue Heaven Oil Control Matte Foundation – Cream Beige (30ml)

Another very popular makeup company providing makeup products for a very long period is Blue heaven. Finding a blue heaven foundation under 100 can be a very challenging task. As this company is considered to be a high-end makeup accessory company. But the Blue heaven oil control matte Foundation is one of the best products. The company has produced at the price point of rupees hundred. Despite being very low in cost, the product has an amazing finish, and the quality is unquestionable. This provides a matte finish to the person’s face, which is unique under this particular price range. 

7. NY Bae Almond Oil Infused Foundation, Concealer, Contour, Color Corrector Stick – Runway Range – Backstage Feel In Cream 19

The whole category of stick foundation under 100 can be very difficult to find. Most of the foundations in this price range are liquid foundations provided by different popular brands, suggests Lakme, Elle 18 and a lot more. Considering stick Foundations the NY bar almond oil infused foundation can be a very productive pick. This stick Foundation can be found on Amazon, and it is priced at rupees 88 only. The quality of the product which comes at this price range is truly fantastic. And the product provides a very beautiful gold and finishes to the face. 

Foundation is one of the most important makeup components which any person should have. Foundations are believed to be very expensive by most people. Still, these seven products can be a budget-friendly foundation that a person can easily purchase under the prize bond of rupees hundred. Foundation under 100 can be a difficult pie for a person. But these 7 products provide fantastic value for money.

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